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Published on June 6th, 2011 | by Charlie


E3: Mass Effect 3 – Enhanced Updates

Article by Cryss Leonhart

Looking at the E3 coverage of Mass Effect 3 we here at Nave360 are ridiculously excited, the game is hitting shelves on the 6th March 2012 delayed as we have noticed before and for good reason.

Looking at the gameplay the Commander has a whole new skill set he is bringing into the game, first of he/she has thrown the punch to the wind having upgraded the “omnitool” into the “omniblade.” This adds a whole new dimension of stealth gameplay to traditional Mass Effect cover system, showcased by Shepard grabbing an enemy from being cover and silencing him with the blade. This is a much more satisfying that the close quarters options players have been given recently. This isn’t the biggest change for the Mass Effect Universe.

Kinect Compatible, working with Microsofts latest voice recognition software players with the Kinect can use this to issue orders to their comrades from things like setting up complex positions as well as using particular powers. This new style as showcased at E3 shows the audience that the Kinect speeds up the combat experience. This isnt showcased just in combat the immersion in the story is increased by speaking through the voice wheel. The iconic wheel was always selected by players to decide the fate of the world and the same is true here except now you can progress the cut scenes by speaking your paragon or renegade options of choice.

This isnt to replace the traditional experience, the game runs fully as its used to but the final game is set to bring players in like never before. Mass Effect 3 draws to a close the tremendous storyline created through the first 2 games while incorporating the choices characters made throughout. The difficulty here lies within making sure the game is in depth enough for those who are series veterans and those new to the series without creating a gap of alienation for those without the foreknowledge.

The game is set to be epic and it looks like the delay will be worth the wait. Mass Effect 3 comes out March 6th 2012.

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