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Mass Effect 3 Details

It has arrived. Some details for this years blockbuster, Mass Effect 3. Information has been released on the internet on the plotline of the story, companions, and a brand new comic like the one that was found on the PS3 version of Mass Effect 2. I will try and go into detail as much as possible: (WARNING: SPOILERS!) So you remember “The Arrival” DLC? Well from that, Shepard is on trial on Earth as he said he would gladly undergo. However, during the hearing, the reapers begin to invade the planet. Shepard will flee onto the Normandy and will set off to find new squadmates. But that’s not all. Cerberus is also out to kill Shepard for his betrayals in the organization, so not only will you be avoiding Reapers, but Cerberus too. The Illusive Man is said to play a bigger role than he did before too. Squad mates confirmed for Mass Effect 3 are:
  • Garrus – We all love Garrus. Even if you are a guy, but let’s face it. He’s an alien, so I doubt even a girl gamer would fall in “love love” with him. This will only happen if he survived Mass Effect 2.
  • Liara – You may remember her from Mass Effect 1 as a main companion, and Mass Effect 2 as a minor companion during “The Shadow Broker” DLC. She will this time, return as a companion.
  • Kaidan or Ashley – Depending on who dies in Mass Effect 1, or who appeared to you in Mass Effect 2 during your first “Collector” battle will also depend who will become a companion.
Non-party member characters confirmed to return are Urdnot Wrex (this also depends on if he lived or died in Mass Effect 1), Mordin (that crazy scientist who always thinks he’s right), Legion (A geth who you encountered near the end of Mass Effect 2) and Anderson (The old man who gave you his Normandy in Mass Effect 1). However, depending on who returns out of those depends on who lived and who died in the previous games, should you so import saved games. Things will certainly be a bit more beefier in Mass Effect 3, as you will get more freedom to character skills, and skill trees will be bigger and your powers can be upgraded more than just once. Mods are also a new feature in Mass Effect 3, allowing you to swap parts throughout your guns. Ammo has now become a serious matter now. If you become a Soldier, you will instantly come with unlimited ammo for Mass Effect 3. Any other classes have to find ammo on their own. Bioware have said there will still be no multiplayer in Mass Effect 3 but will look into it in future spin offs of the franchise (you didn’t think Mass Effect would end at 3 did you?!). As mentioned earlier, there will also be a comic much like the PS3 comic for Mass Effect 2, so it does not matter if you haven’t played the first two. The first game I could understand you didn’t player, but the second? You’d be missing out! There will also be multiple endings, good or bad, depending on who you include in your squad. So far, there is no confirmation if Miranda, Jack or Tali (all which were Male Shepards love interests), however EDI and Joker will both return (oh I do love their little fights!). Mass Effect 3 is to be released this holiday 2011. All of this information will be in May’s issue of Game Informer.

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  • Great Article Charlie, I think i will definitely be picking up this game even though i missed the 1st and 2nd

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