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Marathon Ported To iOS

Widely regarded as doom for the Macintosh, first person shooter Marathon 1 & 2 are now available free on iOS. The games were created by Bungie Studios way back in 1994. The first game features a staggering 27 missions across 6 chapters, playing out a highly praised storyline that follows the protagonist, a cyborg security officer, trying to save a human colony against an alien race known only as the “Pfhor”. Both games are downloadable now completely free of charge. The in store system allows you to purchase a “HD Mode” which re-skins the walls, flooring and liquids with high resolution textures and “Master Chief Mode” which allows you to start on any level with infinite ammo, invulnerability, instant saves, access to all weapons and an instant recharge. A big shout out to Daniel Blezek who put the work into porting the titles. Go see what the fuss was about for Mac owners in 1994. Download Marathon today.

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