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Fixed: Loading problems with Test Drive Unlimited 2

Atari has launched its highly anticipated driving sandbox game Test Drive Unlimited 2 today (8th February in USA) on Xbox 360, PC and PS3. The Test Drive franchise is 24 years old and it has a lot to live up to. Many Test Drive Unlimited 2 gamers have reported an issue where you boot the game and after you select your Hard drive option the game is glitched on the load screen not letting you play.  I haven’t seen a way to get around this glitch other than disconnecting from Xbox Live and rebooting the game. I had the opportunity to play the game since the 5th and i won’t say i had an amazing experience with the game but this is definitely the worst Glitch for a game on day 1 (3 for US) of its release. I haven’t listed any other errors other than the infinite load-screen because there are plenty of them. According to @TDU2 Twitter the issues should be resolved in the next update which should go live today.

Fixed: Xbox 360 connection problems should be fixed.

Turns out the xbox issues is not as easy to fix as they expected. Read the tweet below from @TDU2 Twitter are you affected by this glitch? let us know in the comments below.

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  • 04 irl

    Has any of the problems been solved yet. Cus my game is doing the same thing and it sux

  • Mc1998

    is pissin pathetic this stupid glitch thing.. bolox

  • Britgeneral13

    god damn it i keep trying over and over and over again but nothing. some of my mates are playing online on it so why doesn it work for some and not others. grrrr got the beers in aswell. sad face

  • Cammylad

    My games doin it aswell, just hope its fixed soon!!!!!!

  • VOW Corvette55

    Yea, can’t play after playing for 2 days. It’s bad enough we have to listen to the horrible lines in this game. Atleast it has a good campaign that makes up for it… for the most part 😛

  • Chriscousall

    Yeah an it’s pissing me off

  • Ste_wareing

    This is poo. Been staring at my god damn car parked at the top of some hill for 20 mins now and I’ve just paid 800 ms points for the fucking casino!!!!

  • Daza86

    Does anyone have the prob i have??? Iv put 3 solid days into the game, done all the licenses then tried entering a championship and my xbox freezes…. Can anyone help

  • Daza86

    Sorry forgot to mention everything else works fine in the game. My xbox only freezes when i try to enter a championship

  • Justin Reilly83

    mine is still freezing while trying to enter championships and cups, only started within the last 2-3 days

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