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Lightning Returns In 2013

The next chapter in the Fabula Nova Crystallis saga was unveiled at the Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Event; Lightning Returns is the next instalment set hundreds of years after the conclusion of Final Fantasy XIII-2. The game brings Lightning back to the foray, free roaming across the world of Novus Partas, 4 islands connected via monorail, with a completely revamped battle system that gives you direct control over Lightning’s movement, blocks and attacks. With the destruction of the world a mere 13 days away, a doomsday counter lies waiting in the corner of the screen. Certain events draw from the doomsday clock; death in battle can be exchanged for doomsday time. As the only playable character, Square Enix have confirmed there will be extensive customization options for Lightning’s combat style and dress sense in the conclusion of her saga.

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