Published on February 1st, 2012 | by Cryss


Lego Universe Closes It’s Servers

When I was a kid, Lego games were awesome. We had Rock Raiders, Lego Racers and Legoland. These games were amazing, followed by Lego Star Wars during my teenage years which crafted Lego as one of the most amazing game series ever made. Yet when Lego Universe was announced, I did not rush to buy the title. I announced it as a flop. A pay to play MMO has no place within Lego. Any block related MMO has some really tough Free To Play competition (Minecraft). The move away from paid subscriptions came too little to late, which is a shame too since it’s user base aren’t exactly big on monthly payments (being children and all). So the severs shut down and we wave goodbye to Lego Universe; it’s shining light fading from the cluster of MMO’s.

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