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Learn About Dragons vs. Spaceships

Dragons Vs Spaceships is a top down shooter developed by Game Production Studios for Dream Build Play 2011. Don’t know what Dream Build Play is? Learn more about it HERE. The game uses the XNA platform, with all engines developed by the studio, Game Production Studios, except the Easy Storage engine for data management, developed at CodePlex. Recently, we’ve seen a sudden revival of the top down shooter genre, with more and more developers joining in. So what sets Game Production Studios apart? Well, for one it’s a game about dragons vs. spaceships, not exactly something you see everyday. What the developers have set out to do with this Xbox Live Indie Game is capture the essence of the top down shooter genre, while putting a new spin on it. In the game, you’ll be able to travel across many worlds, taking the fight to the enemy using the three weapon types available to you, which in turn combine for a total of six special weapons. They’ve strived to make the game fun and accesible to all players, crafting a control system that players will quickly grasp, but that doesn’t mean that the game is a walk in the park. Game Production studios is attempting to strike the perfect balance between accessibility and challenge, making a game that is rewarding to both casual and hardcore gamers. You could say their tagline or motto is “There’s no telling who will lose the war, but the winner will be the player.” This lets you know that their primary focus is creating a fun game for every type of gamer. From what I’ve seen so far, it seems they’ve managed to succeed. Here we have a small synopsis describing the story of the game. We also have a trailer for your enjoyment. Be sure to check out this Xbox Live Indie Game once it’s available. Also, for more info on the game, be sure to check out their official website HERE.
It had been known for centuries, the natural order of the universe: that all beings were to pay homage to the absolute rulers of the entire cosmos, The Dragons. Their power unmatched by a thousand burning stars, their lore containing the entirety of time and before, The Dragons fulfilled lifespans so long that entire galaxies formed from burning embers and were consumed by novas, without their even aging. These were the grand creatures of all being, perfectly sculpted and insurmountable in conflict. The sheer radiance and wonder of The Dragons inspired untold amounts of jealousy. In time though, vain species would arise without the proper knowledge and respect for the might of The Dragons, and attempts were made over and over by foolish civilizations to usurp The Dragons’ power, but like waves crashing upon the rocky cliffs of mountains, attempts were pitifully inept. Through the millennia, hatred for the dragons grew. Jealousy bubbled to a raging torrent, and entire existences were demolished in hopes of scavenging power. Elder gods were consumed, blackest rituals were performed and unfathomable experiments were undergone in a quest to break the strength of The Dragons. Finally, the impossible has been realized: an unknown civilization has appeared, undetectable and unmerciful. No attempt at communication is possible. “Creatures” is not the proper word for them; they are nothing but hatred mechanized, raging monoliths with no other purpose than to bring about the absolute ruin of The Dragons. Their initial attacks were successful, and many Dragons that were present at the birth of reality perished. Four of the most powerful Dragons still remain, and under your direction they must obliterate the enemy, not just from their home world of Dragonia, but from all existence.

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