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Kingdoms Of Amalur Patches Are Not Coming

Following the universal lay-offs at Studio 38 (the developers of Kingdoms of Amalur), it quickly became apparent that any future patches for the game were cancelled. Ian Frazier, the lead designer, has posted on the official forums, explaining it to the community: “I wanted to apologize for the lack of a patch for Reckoning. It’s something we very much wanted to do, but various issues outside our control (which unfortunately I’m not at liberty to disclose) prevented us from doing so for a long time,” “Finally we received clearance to do a PC-only patch, which wasn’t ideal (we wanted to do a patch on all platforms) but it was better than nothing.” “I am deeply sorry that we were unable to get a patch out the door sooner, before this catastrophe struck – you supported us, and you deserve the support yourselves. While I consider Reckoning a very strong game and not especially buggy, that’s not the same as saying that it’s perfectly balanced or bug-free, and it kills me that I’ll never get the chance to correct any of its issues.” The patch was set to include a host of new features, including 2 additional difficulty modes. However “barring some sort of miracle”, odds are the patch will never see the light of day. Please join us in wishing the best for anyone affected by the lay-offs from 38 Studios and Big Huge Games.

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    After all, these are terrible liars. Do not even started to do this patch because nobody pay for it. Well that studio fell apart studio crooks and liars.

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