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Kinect’s Accuracy to be Quadrupled

According to Eurogamer, Microsoft are trying to improve Kinect’s accuracy to make it four times better, where it will hopefully allow finger detection and hand rotation. As of now, Kinect only detects your full hand, and even though you may see all your fingers in other camera modes, Kinect can’t hack it with all the fingers thus far. At the moment, the Kinect depth sensor is working at 30 frames per second limit and a 320×240 resolution limit, and Microsoft hope to double it to 640×480. But why isn’t this possible now? Well the Kinect uses a USB controller interface, where it uses around 15/16MB/s, but it is capable of around 35MB/s. If things go well, this could inhance its quality, meaning better interactivity within games. If all of this occurs, all this can be implemented with a simple dashboard update. Digital Foundry’s Rich Leadbetter did talk about what may need to be done and what could happen after this update. “Microsoft would need to disable or lower throughput of game installs running from USB flash drives to free up additional bandwidth. All eminently doable though bearing in mind that Kinect ‘only’ needs 20MB/s for full res from both cameras. The resolution coming out of the depth camera via PC is indeed 640×480, but it is uncertain just how accurate the camera’s sensor is.” “Additionally, processing four times as many depth pixels could slow things down more,” he continued. There is no date on the update, as we don’t even know if any of this will be successful yet.

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