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Published on June 13th, 2011 | by Charlie


UPDATE: Kaos Studios Shuts Down

UPDATE: THQ have confirmed there are still plans for Homefront 2, despite the sad news. Did you like Homefront? We’re you hoping for a sequel? Well that sequel is now hanging by a thread, because the developers of Homefront and Frontlines Fuel of War have closed down. It all started when Zach Wilson, a former level designer, tweeted:
and then he tweeted:
“That’s what i’m hearing, that Kaos is shutting down, details to come. Most of the devs already have jobs with new studios anyways”
Its good to know that some of those suffering from losing their jobs at Kaos have successfully found new ones, but of course there are those who must be struggling. THQ have also confirmed that Kaos Studios has indeed closed. Homefront did well in sales, but the chance of a sequel now is slim, unless Digital Extremes, who developed the PC version, can develop a console version as well.  

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