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Review: Jeremy McGrath’s Offroad

Review: Jeremy McGrath’s Offroad Daniel

Summary: Daniel takes a look at Jeremy McGrath's Offroad on XBLA, is it any good? read the review to find out!


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Jeremy McGrath is one of the most popular American motorcross/supercross champions ever. Or so my research told me. So it makes sense that a generic, extremely basic offroad game has a famous name attached to it. Sales and all that. Jeremy McGrath’s Offroad starts up with an extremely old school feel. At least 90% of the game’s assets look and sound like they belong in the 90’s, or maybe a cute throback game on the last generation of consoles. The menus look archaic with an ugly design accompanied by some generic music that harks back to the good old days of offroad racing and rock and roll. Following on from that, the graphics are extremely bad. These too, look like they belong on the last generation of consoles- textures are non-existent and sand and mud effects are barely realized. The only things that stand out are the vehicles, and even those aren’t hugely noteworthy. One final, huge negative with Jeremy McGrath’s Offroad is the camera angles. In bumper cam, you’re fine; but switch to a trailing camera and you’re greeted with horrible, sickness-inducing camera swings on every bump, hump and corner with makes it near-impossible to control the vehicle with any sort of ‘control’. There is an upside to Jeremy McGrath’s Offroad, though. It’s actually fun. The handling is slippery and light, much like the SEGA Rally series, and it does lead to some form of fun. While it lasts. You see, the campaign mode is just a series of 23 races that even on the higher difficulty levels do not take much effort to finish. I did find myself enjoying blasting through these races with relative ease, but the fun was cut short when I finished it. Then, thanks to the poor gameplay elements and design, I had no desire to jump back into the arcade or multiplayer. Jeremy McGrath’s Offroad can provide a brief period of fun while it lasts. But it’s far too short, as well as being a little too short on quality. If you want a downloadable arcade racer, you’d be better off going for SEGA Rally- because Jeremy McGrath’s Offroad just falls short of pretty much everything; the gameplay is extremely basic, the graphics are well-below average for this generation, and it’s an extremely slim offering for the 800 Microsoft Points asking price.

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