Published on June 6th, 2011 | by Charlie


Is Diablo III Coming to PS3?

Blizzard have said that they would love to see some part of the Diablo franchise on consoles quite a few times, and a lot of their fans have also agreed with them. More evidence has come about that may prove that a console version of Diablo III may be a reality. It could also be the reason why Diablo III has been delayed many times. On Blizzard Entertainment’s job website, there has been a job listing for a Playstation 3 specialist for the Diablo III team. Here is what it says:   “Blizzard Entertainment is seeking an enthusiastic senior software engineer to be a key contributor on the Diablo team,” the job posting read. “This position is responsible for overseeing PlayStation 3 (PS3) architecture design as well as other PS3-specific game code development to maximise platform performance. Responsibilities are to “design, implement, and maintain game systems to work on the Playstation 3” A console version could still happen though. Torchlight, which is a game based off Diablo, is on the Xbox 360, so it’s proven a game like Diablo can work on consoles. Who knows? Maybe we’ll hear something at BlizzCon 2011. An E3 2011 console reveal is very unlikely however.

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