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Published on May 21st, 2011 | by Ben Gray


Is Bungie prepping an XBLA announcement? (updated)

What many have shrugged off recently, due to the saddening news of Bungie not showing off anything at this year’s E3, may have just developed further, after some XBLA trademarks have leaked out, which could have links back to Bungie. This week on the ratings board, an upcoming, unannounced XBLA title showed up called Crimson Alliance. The ratings board states that the title is being developed by Certain Affinity, who have worked on Age of Booty and more recently, Halo Reach’s Defiant Map Pack. Let’s rewind a second there, Crimson, and Halo Reach. That rings a bell in my mind. That’s because earlier this month, Bungie filed a trademark for “Crimson”, which was also mentioned as a downloadable title (which most are speculating to be on mobiles). With Certain Affinity and Bungie’s past relationship working together, could this be a new project for Bungie? It is unlikely related to Activision/Bungie’s new AAA IP, but it might be too early to rule that possibility out. Another thing to note is that Noble Actual (the developer blog for Halo Reach) have started posting some very odd cryptic messages on their Twitter feed, which give clues to Halo and Marathon. It also states that something is going to happen within 48 hours. Related, perhaps? Anyway, we’ll keep you posted. UPDATE: Urk from Bungie recently confirmed that the Noble Actual Twitter feed is indeed fake, so we can rule out anything from that. The trademarks however, still remain legitimate and cause for speculation.


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    The “Nobel Actual” twitter feed is confirmed fake by Urk. 

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