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Published on September 27th, 2010 | by Charlie


Indie Review: Hypership Out of Control + Competition!

Release Date: Out Now Genre(s): Arcade-Style 2D Futuristic Shooter Developer: Fun Infused Games [Rating:7.5/10] Just like “A Shooter”, this is also a nice simple and sweet indie game. You could say this is the anti-A Shooter, to be precise. Hypership Out of Control is somewhat different to “A Shooter”, also released on Xbox Live Indie Games. The game is a 2D Format Arcade style game, where you travel up the map through 10 waves, each with their own increased difficulties. Instead of shooting enemies to score points, you collect coins and rake up your score as much as you can. You need to avoid all the obsticles, however, such as rocks, blocks and more. The futher you go in the game, the higher your score. You only have a certain amount of lives as well. Short and simple. The game has it’s own little, tiny backstory.
You’ve accidentally pushed too hard on the accelerator, making it get stuck in the circuit. Your brakes; gone. The only thing you can do is avoid all the space debris by either shooting it or avoiding it. The longer you live, the more points you get.
It’s nice to have an Indie Game that has it’s little backstory, as you see most games just don’t even try hard enough. Most Indie Games are simple, but utterly dull and pointless, but when it has a backstory, even a tiny one, it makes the game feel more retro.

The game has four different game modes, which all make the game slightly different. Normal is Normal, where you would just play the game. Hardcore is just like normal, except you have a single life. Super Speed says it all, where you get ultimatly faster than Normal mode, and Coin Down, possibly the trickest of all the modes, is where you need to keep getting coins and last as long as you can. Once you reach 0 coins, it’s game over. Think of this mode as the ending of Sonic and Knuckles, where you are Super Sonic and needed to keep getting the gold rings. Each mode makes the game feel more fun, and takes us back to when these games were fun back in the day, but at the same time, so damn frustrating. So because this is an Indie Game, there are no achievements. But you could say this game “cheats” as it has it’s own little system known as “Awardments”. There are 20 awardments to obtain, all which can be obtained through all four modes. They’re not as fun as Achievements in retail and arcade games, but it does make you feel pleased with yourself once you unlock one, so it’s nice that Fun Infused Games have thought about those Achievement Hunters too. You are also able to play this game in 4-player co-op, but I never got to try that out as I don’t know anybody who has this game.

The downers now, and there’s not much downside to the game, but the music gets stuck in your head, and can give you a really bad head ache like it did with me if listened for too long. Also, having the “RB = Fun” bit wasn’t exactly a good idea, as even though I don’t suffer from seizures, it can make those who do suffer feel uneasy. I still felt uneazy when I had it on, and I couldn’t even turn it off until I either quit the game or lost all of my lives. The “Mwahahaha” also doesn’t do the game justice, as it just sounds like a 14 year old mocking you from behind, which doesn’t feel that great to be honest. Overall, Hypership Out of Control is a simple, yet fun arcade-style indie game that you and your family can enjoy together. For a price of just 80 , it’s certainly affordable, and the game can give you hours of fun, because believe me, completeing all 10 waves in one go is not as simple as it sounds… *Best I’ve done is get 392,746, Wave 6 on Normal ——————————————————————————————————————————————


We’ve been given two codes for Hypership Out of Control to give away in collaberation with this review. In order to win one of the two codes, all you have to do is tell us what you think of the site, or what we could improve on. Enter your name and e-mail address in the fields marked (*) if you are not registered with us. This is to enable us to contact you with your code if you win. If you are registered with us, log-in and post a comment! The competition will close Thursday 30th September 2010. Good Luck!

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