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Published on September 26th, 2010 | by Charlie


Indie Review: A Shooter

Release Date: 24 September 2010 Genre(s): Arcade-Style 2D Futuristic Shooter Developer: VoodooChief
Normally I find Indie games absolutely dull and boring, just because there’s hardly any strategy to them or really any challenge, but this one was a little different. This one takes us back to the day when games where you shoot and dodge were in fasion.
The game is what it say’s it is, A Shooter. You control a ship, and you need to dodge incoming fire. At the same time, if you want to rake up those points, you need to destroy the opposing enemies attacking you. Throughout a level, there may be some secret bonuses which will be useful as you play through the game. Some things that will help you rake up some bonus points is to find some gold stars that have been placed around the level.
At the end of each level, you will come across a big boss, which have their own strategy. Once you defeat them, you can obtain the stars and power-up they leave behind and move onto the next level. There are 13 bosses to defeat, so there are 13 levels. From the current leaderboards as of now, nobody has gotten to the thirteenth level, but if you died on the 12th level, you could redo that level again, and then maybe you’ll get onto the final boss.
One thing that’s different is that as soon as you are hit more than three times in a level, you die and it’s game over. In most games like this, you might have three lives, so I’m not too sure if this is a good or bad thing, but it sure makes the game harder. In the game, you can also play in Co-Op. Unfortunately, I never got to try this as nobody was on to play, but i’m sure it would have been as fun as the arcade mode.
Overall, this is possibly the best indie game i’ve played in a long time, and it’s only 80 so it’s a great price for something that was so fun back in the day. The lows would be that the idea where you get one life could split those who play it, as most like to have multiple lives. But this is quite a tough game too, so don’t expect to defeat all 13 bosses in one playthrough as you’ll have a slim chance of doing it, but it can be done!


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