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Hydrophobia Pure

Dark Energy, Hydrophobia’s developer, wants to give its game a fresh coat of paint. They intend to do this with a massive title update named “Hydrophobia Pure” that intends to fix all the frustrations gamers had with the original release of the title. Alongside this free update, the game will receive a price drop from 1200 to 800 Microsoft Points. This update will launch tomorrow, December 21, 2010. Here’s a list of all the updates to the game and a trailer: Improved Graphics
  • Character dynamic self-shadowing
  • Enhanced lighting
  • Improved textures
  • Better water spray effects
  • Improved water reflection and refraction
  • Enhanced electricity effects
  • Environmental geometry tweaks
  • Additional video texture work
Physics Enhancements
  • Increased number of dynamic objects
  • More realistic character water resistance
  • Explosive forces re-balanced
Overhauled Camera System
  • Camera positioned closer to character
  • Improved tracking of the action
  • Enhanced collision detection
  • Better FOV for framing the action
Improved Movement and Animations
  • More fluid and precise character control
  • Improved character animations add realism
  • Enhanced animation transitions make the character more ‘weighty’
New Climbing System
  • Continuous hand-over-hand climbing system added
  • All new, more realistic animations
  • More fluid climbing controls and movement
  • Automatic ledge grab functionality
  • Improved swing mechanic
  • Improved jump-from-balance mechanic
Control Layout
  • Switch to a more traditional control layout
  • A to jump
  • LT to aim
  • RB to detonate enhanced Gel and Energy Rounds
Dialogue Re-Edit
  • Dialogue has been pruned
  • Irritating or extraneous lines cut
Cutscenes Re-edit
  • Cutscenes reviewed and edited
  • Overly long cutscenes shortened
  • Emails and E-Books no longer interrupt gameplay when collected
  • Collectables re-positioned throughout levels
  • Points awarded for collectables tweaked
New Waypoint System
  • Waypoints for every objective and sub objective
  • Choose permanent on-screen waypoints or new MAVI only mode
  • Waypoints added for Ciphers and Frequency Keys with colour coding
  • Corpses with Frequency Keys glow orange for easy identification
Map Improved
  • Improved controls and button layout
  • Default view of Kate’s position
  • Toggle Kate’s position / objective location manually
  • Easier to navigate
  • Prompts re-worked for better clarity
  • Prompt triggering reviewed and improved
  • Video tutorials cut back
  • Improved in game tutorials
  • New tutorial puzzles
Wading Improved
  • Enhanced physical character feedback from water forces
  • Improved transitions between wade states
Swimming Improved
  • Improved swimming controls, more finely balanced
  • 180 degree swim turn removed
  • Improved camera behaviour when swimming
  • Underwater combat system streamlined
  • Improved feedback for Cipher and Frequency Keys
  • Ciphers re-positioned for greater accessibility
  • New mission orders related to Ciphers add to the backstory
  • Existing puzzles refined where possible
  • New electric puzzle elements added
Damage System Improved
  • Kate no longer unfairly damaged/killed by unseen elements
  • Fire/electrical damage reduced
  • Combat damage re-balanced
Overhauled Damage Feedback
  • Monochrome health feedback system implemented
  • Enhanced directional damage indication
  • Heartbeat force feedback and SFX added
  • Audio ducking system improves health feedback
All New Oxygen Feedback System
  • Oxygen bar added
  • Heartbeat force feedback and SFX added
  • Phobia effect for oxygen feedback enhanced
  • Phobia audio hallucinations added
  • FOV pulse added for drowning feedback
  • Phobia warping effect removed from non-submerged sections
Overhauled Combat System
  • Automatic weapon holster/unholster system
  • Seamless integration of combat / non-combat systems
  • Improved aim reticule
  • Aim remapped to LT
  • Destructible objects highlighted more clearly
  • Destructible objects easier to hit
  • A greater supply of ammo throughout the levels
  • AI improved and enemies rebalanced
  • More enemies and more engaging combat design
Weapons Improved
  • Sonic Rounds overheat removed
  • Sonic Rounds charge time halved
  • Sonic Rounds do more damage to NPCs and are lethal
  • Multiple Gel and Energy Rounds can be deployed simultaneously
  • Deployed Gel/Energy rounds can be detonated as a group
All New Cover System
  • Smoother transitions in and out of cover
  • Easier and more intuitive to get in and out of cover
  • Toggle cover whether armed or unarmed
  • All new animations make cover system more realistic
Checkpoints and Reloading
  • Checkpoint positions reviewed and improved
  • More checkpoints
  • Automated and faster reload after death
Levels and Game Balance
  • Vent behaviour improved
  • General level design tweaks
  • AI numbers and positioning improved
  • Ammo amount and placement improved
  • Collectable placement improved
  • Gameplay balance improved throughout
  • Price dropped to just 800 Microsoft points
  • Trial extended to allow players to sample more of the game for free

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