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HOTD: Overkill Reveals “The Naked Terror”

For those who are fans of arcade rail shooters, one of the titles you would understand the name of would be “The House Of The Dead” franchise. For those that missed the parody take at horror movie conventions from their latest game overkill will be glad to know that Sony’s Playstation gets access to the extended cut of Overkill. Part of the main difference is that overkill will contain two additional levels, the first was announced today and welcome to “The Naked Terror.” First off the game takes players fighting through a stripclub; which comes with it’s own stripper mutants as well as gunning your way through the streets of Bayou City as well as a bar which comes equipped with the Biker mutants. So in a way it’s more of the same however we are looking at a shift from playing as Wash and G towards Varla an NPC from the original and Candy her stripper friend, who is lethal with a hand cannon. The idea behind these 2 additional levels are that they build and improve on the original storyline helping to fill in some plot gaps but with the information we have so far it seems like this level could be a case of playing detective; whilst Varlas brother Jasper is in a relationship with Candy from her time working as a Volunteer at the hospital (Wow a stripper and a hospital volunteer this girl is complex.) For those that missed Overkill and it’s comedic approach to on the rails shooting with a hardcore horror movie nostalgia the game will be well worth the pick up, and just maybe Sony will launch Overkill on the Playstation in the UK this time around.

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