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Homefront Has Freezing Issues on Console

Many players are reporting that the console version of Homefront seems to be recieving freezing issues. The game was only released on tuesday and already the game has caused problems on not only the Xbox 360, but on the PS3 too. On the Xbox 360 side, freezing issues usually occur right after the “Kaos Studios” logo, the developers of the game. Jeremy Greiner, the community manager for Kaos, released the following statement: “We’re looking into the issue that is happening to a few users, once I have an update it will be posted here. Thanks for your patience! In the meantime, those experiencing the issue: If you could please post the exact step by step process of how it occurred, that would be appreciated.” Have you recieved freezing issues? Let us know. Homefront has recieved mixed reviews since it’s release.

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  • Mifah

    Was playing the campain from the hard drive and not the disc. I had gone into options and was coming out of it and the screen went black. I hit my x button on the controller to see if my X-Box was frozen and it was. The rebooted and it been freezing my X-Box after the logo starts. This is the second piece of software I have purchased from Kaos studios and both have left me a little unsettled. ( Frontlines was the other purchased) Kaos does great hype but poor programing and testing with beta demos. I’m starting to wonder?

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