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Have You Played… – Metro 2033

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Based on the book of the same name, written by Dmitry Glukhovsky, (yes, you do get book to game adaptations, and yes, it was a book too), Metro 2033 is somewhat different of a first person shooter, as it does what most shooters do not dare do… take risks! It’s pretty obvious that the game is set in the year 2033. It takes place in a post-apocalyptic Russia, where a nuclear war had occurred. Above ground, it is a toxic wasteland, as it has been for many years, and remains it. Nobody can breathe above ground, except the monsters that infest it. So how do people live? In the metro tunnel systems. Yes, the people have been living underground for a couple of decades now. The character you play as, Artyom, has been living there most of his life, but was born before the war occurred. Artyom has been tasked to travel through the tunnel systems by an elite ranger, named Hunter, to travel through the tunnel systems, travel to the surface, avoid Nazi’s and creatures known as “The Dark Ones”, all in aid to ask the Polis Station to defeat the threats that are attacking the cities and metro systems.

Not only is there no oxygen, but the radiation has even frozen.

So why was this game different from most first person shooters? Well here are some of the reasons. 1. A lot of the time, you were in a cramped space, traveling through tunnels, so unlike in wide open spaces, you could always hear if there was a sound coming from behind you or in front of you, and it would really freak you out. 2. When you were on the surface, you had to wear a gas mask, and unlike most games where you would have an endless amount of oxygen, you had to look for new oxygen tanks and new gas masks. You would run out of oxygen pretty quickly, and the enemies you fight would severely damage your gas masks, so you had to replace them. 3. There was a currency in the game. And unlike Fallout (which you can tell the game has been inspired by), where you use Bottle Caps as money, you used Bullets. But the “Bullets” were rather different to the “bullets” you actually use for your gun. Sure, you could shoot the “money bullets” if you wanted to, but then you’d be losing your money. However, the “money bullets” would take down your enemies easily, unlike regular ammo, hence why it’s the “money”. Get me? 4. Everybody was Russian. Yes. Not a single British person, or American, or Chinese, or Japanese, or Asian- Look. They were all Russian, alright. And sorry, no sign of Gary Oldman playing a Russian either. 5. It was a survival horror. How many of those do you see nowadays? 6. The entire game was story-based. Even though you may not have known it when playing, it was. Play it again and see if you pick up the story if you did not first time. 7. Ammo was scarce. REALLY SCARCE.

HEY! I'm trying to have a relaxing tram ride here!

Metro 2033 only had one goal, which was to immerse itself in one direction, unlike most shooters, where they go one way, then another, then another way. I feel that some critics gave this game some harsh feedback, and some of them tried to compare the game too much to Fallout 3. The game was only inspired by Fallout 3, and I personally think the developers, 4A Games, even knew they could not match to the excellency of Fallout 3. Sales wise, the game did… OK. It didn’t sell amazingly like most shooters somehow seem to do, but THQ certainly seem to think the franchise has legs, and have asked 4A Games to create a sequel based on the sequel book, which I just cannot wait for. What is weird is that it does feel like this game was made many years ago, and believe it or not. So how badly should you play the game? Well if you’re looking for a game that needs to be taken seriously, and are looking for a real challenge and something tonnes different to shooters like Black Ops, and indeed loved Fallout 3, this game is definitely for you. My rating would be:

8.5 out of 10

It was one of those games that was incredibly hard in area and that you wanted to throw the game away. THAT is why I personally loved it! It was a challenging game, unlike many others! Metro 2033 was developed by 4A Games and was released for the Xbox 360 and PC in 2010 and now for OnLive.

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  • This game was a bloody nightmare. but a truly awesome game.

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