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Have You Played… – Fallout 3

“Have You Played…” is a weekly segment on asking gamers if they have played the game in question. It’s similar to “Do You Remember?”, but it looks at current generation games, no matter what platform they are on! The segment will ask you at the end if you have played it, plus what your score for the game would be, so this segment gets you involved. If you have not played the game, at the same time, Charlie will give his score on how badly this needs to be played and if it’s for you. The segment is also for games good, or bad, so this segment will either tell you to play a game, or tell you to keep away.


A lot of us would know (except you if you haven’t played it, although, you might know even if you haven’t) Fallout 3 to be a rather big game. A lot of the land you will see in Fallout 3 will just be a big piece of wasteland. And a lot of us would know of it as one of the buggiest games in the world. However, in no way does it stop it from being one of the most fun RPG’s in the world. I remember the first time I had played this. I had heard lots of positive feedback of this game so I had to buy it. The first time I had played it, I had no idea what on earth I was doing. So I was manuvering through the land with hardly any food, hardly any weapons and my difficulty was on high. So like many gamers, I stressed and vowed to never play again. A few months later, I was told to replay it, so I thought I would give it another chance. My friend had the expansion packs, so I just asked him if I could borrow them, so I got 4 out of 5 DLC’s for free. I was ready to retry Fallout 3! Thankfully, the second time around, I knew what I was doing and everything was a lot easier for me. I now have completed 2 out of the 5 DLC’s and the main game. Hurrah!

Eww! There's mould on the mould!

Now the first hour of the game starts off real slow and like “Heavy Rain’s” beginning chapter for the PS3, you will end up thinking: “Wait, this is entertainment?”. Basically, the first hour of the game is your character growing up in an area known as “Vault 101”. Throughout the land, there are many Vaults, containing all sorts of things. Civilizations such as Vault 101, traps, or possibly nothing. But where did these so called vaults come from, for those who have not played Fallout or Fallout 2? Since a nuclear world war in the year 2077 over resources, Vault 101 has remained shut, where nobody is allowed to escape it, for fear on what could be in the outside world (notice how I did not say “where nobody can’t escape it”). When your character is 19 years old, your father (who is voiced by the great Liam Neeson, who is in the 2010 A-Team film, The Chronicles of Narnia films and Star Wars: The Phantom Menace) escapes Vault 101. Like a lost child, you decide to escape the vault and search for him (you don’t really have a choice either, as since your father has escaped, the people of the vault need to kill you). You then step onto this vast land for you to freely explore, with tonnes of side mission, many different lifeforms and tonnes of dangers. The main quest line isn’t just to find your daddy, as it takes many twists and turns. So this is a free-roam role-playing game, so you can do so much more than a first-person shooter. Because this is a massive game, I will see if I can keep this article brief. There’s so many things you can do in Fallout 3, despite the world being a baron wasteland. You can scavenge for weapons, food and water, explore the lands, take on a bunch of side missions, grind enemies for experience, unlock boxes, break into people’s homes, cause havock around towns, kill innocent people and so much more!


Put a shirt on- Oh you have. Put on a "not ripped" shirt on.

Combat is a little bit different to many other games. You can use almost anything that’s big enough as a weapon (by big enough, I mean that you’re not exactly going to use a tin can as a weapon, so it automatically get’s put in your “junk”, although they can be used as ammo for a certain weapon), and can use your “Pip Boy” for help. It allows you to choose where on the body of your enemy you attack and the chances of a hit, so it allows you to be more accurate in combat. The Pip Boy can also do a bunch of other things, such as transport you to locations you’ve already been to, check your inventory, add perks and statistic points once you level up. To be honest, my mind is blown from everything you can do in the game. However, as I mentioned earlier, this game at release contained many many bugs, and to be honest, still does. Bethesda seem to have a habbit of releasing games with many bugs. Some of them included with a character spazzing out, items would end up in mid air and you may get stuck in a wall. You know, the usual. How badly should you play this game if you haven’t already? Well this game may convert you into an RPG gamer, but if you end up playing Fallout: New Vegas after Fallout 3, you may end up switching back. Not that I am saying New Vegas is bad. It’s just not as good as Fallout 3. The score I would give Fallout 3 is:

8.5 out of 10

The game is just filled with hours of fun. Do tell us in the comments on what score you would give Fallout 3. Fallout 3 was developed by Bethesda Game Studios and released for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC in 2008.   VOTE FOR NEXT WEEK’S “Have You Played…” BELOW:  

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  • Surprisingly, I haven’t played Fallout 3, but I hear it’s a great game.
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