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Have You Played… – Darksiders

“Have You Played…” is a weekly segment on asking gamers if they have played the game in question. It’s similar to “Do You Remember?”, but it looks at current generation games, no matter what platform they are on! The segment will ask you at the end if you have played it, plus what your score for the game would be, so this segment gets you involved. If you have not played the game, at the same time, Charlie will give his score on how badly this needs to be played and if it’s for you. The segment is also for games good, or bad, so this segment will either tell you to play a game, or tell you to keep away.


From a majority vote from you guys, Darksiders was to be the next game for “Have You Played…”. Critics gave this game mixed scores, while actual gamers seemed to enjoy it a lot more. This was one game where religion was brought into it, but there was no preaching, there was no torture around the corner, it was a game that you were able to play casually and actually have a great time… even though the world ended. Darksiders is an entirely single player experience, but is a free roam game in a sense. I say that because it’s often rough getting around. The story is rather straightforward (cough). Have you ever heard of the “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse”? Well in Darksiders, there’s something known as the seven seals. This may bore you, but let’s go over to our good friend Wikipedia (so sorry) and let’s see what the seven seals are:
  • When the first seal is opened, or broken, Conquest (the first horseman) will appear.
  • The second seal, War will appear (War is who you play as in Darksiders).
  • The third seal, Famine will appear.
  • The fourth seal, Death will appear.
  • When the fifth seal is broken, visions of martyrs (From what I gather, “visions of death”)
  • When the sixth seal is broken, it causes cosmic disturbances, where the sun turns black, the moon turns blood red, and the sealing of 144,000 (don’t ask me about this. I haven’t got a clue.)
  • When the seventh seal is broken, the final judgement (Yes. That is bad).

Who needs Zelda's tiny sword?

Back to Darksiders, the Four Horsemen exist to keep the balanced between Heaven and Hell, and to keep the truce. The council (you’ll meet them later) see’s that one day, “man” will play a large role in the “final apocalyptic battle” and would be marked by the breaking of the seventh seal (keeping up?). Many many years in the future, angels and demons arrive on a modern day earth (before you ask, the date is unknown, so it very much could have happened in 2012), and this is where the final battle begins. Among this, one of the horsemen, War, arrives on the earth too. The problem is, the other three have not arrived. Where are they do you ask? Well it is soon learned that the seventh seal has not been broken, so none of what is happening (the apocalypse, “War” arriving on earth, should be happening. Straga, a powerful demon, kills a high angel known as Abaddon, and soon encounters War. Throughout the beginning moments of the apocalypse, War can feel himself getting weaker and weaker. It’s not long before Straga soon kills War by crushing him to death… or is he dead? He is saved from the cruel fate of death (not the horseman), and is sent to meet “The Charred Council”. They believe it is War’s fault that the apocalypse started, and strip his powers and abilities. War defends himself, and asked for the chance to prove he is not responsible. The council agrees to give him a chance and is sent back to Earth, but not alone. He is bound to “The Watcher” (call him your very own “Navi”, except he’s a total d**k). But earth is no longer what it was. What has been a mere few minutes for War has been over a century for the planet. Human life is gone. It’s up to War to now prove his innocence in such a desolate world. Like I said. Straightforward.

Say hello to Tiamat!

As you progressed through the game, you would kill your enemies and they would release souls, which would be your currency for upgrades (much like God of War’s red orb currency). You would also receive new items which you could use to take out your enemies, such as the cross blade, a throwing blade, Mercy, a handgun, and the abyssal chain, which attaches to your enemies and the environment. You can also upgrade abilities that you’ll also earn, like “Affliction”, which summons spirits to harm your enemies. You may ask if you haven’t played Darksiders: “Well War is a horseman… so where is his horse?” Well Ruin, the name of his horse, will be rideable later on in the game, so don’t worry about that. One thing that is also interesting is how the game may reference some other games. For example, there will be a “Portal” reference in there. You will most likely spend the entire game looking for it, but trust me; you will spot it clear as day. Darksiders also contains some of the best boss fights you may encounter. There is around 7 bosses to defeat, each with their own strategies. One of my favourites would have to be the stygian, which takes full advantage of “Ruin”, and involves a giant worm you need to take out. My least favourite would have to be Tiamat. The amount of tries he- oh so sorry, SHE took me was unbelievable… and before you ask, Tiamat is a big ass dragon that can do a heck load of damage. Bosses aren’t the only thing that’s intriguing. The game is filled with puzzles for you to solve, and there is one part of a level that you’ll just want to end, as it takes so long to reach your aim. But the entire game is certainly a rewarding experience, and no doubt so many people are looking forward to its sequel in 2013 (if we survive the 2012 apocalypse if it so exists!). So just how badly do you need to play this? Well if you are a fan of Zelda, and want to actually start growing up a bit with more mature games, this is certainly a great game to start. If you are a fan of “God of War”, you’ll either feel God of War was ripped off, or really enjoy this game. As I said, critics gave the game mediocre scores, but actual hardcore gamers gave Darksiders some great feedback. The score on how badly you need to play this:

9 out of 10

Be sure to leave your score in the comments below or in the N4G comments. Darksiders was created by Vigil Games and was released in 2010 for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. In fact, so early in the year that you didn’t see it on any lists for any video game awards. I am doing a “Let’s [Re]-Play Darksiders” series on KranitokoGames. Click here for the first episode.

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  • Zlo

    I am going to rate it 10/10, just because of lack of similar games on PC, although it did have it’s flaws.

  • It really was such a solid, polished game that I found myself liking it more and more.

    Games could learn from this level of polish and quality.

  • Deez

    … if only more developers tried to imitate Zelda instead of Call of Dooty, we’d have more masterpieces like Darksiders.

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