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Have You Played… – Borderlands

“Have You Played…” is a weekly segment on asking gamers if they have played the game in question. It’s similar to “Do You Remember?”, but it looks at current generation games, no matter what platform they are on (as long as they are also on the Xbox 360)! The segment will ask you at the end if you have played it, plus what your score for the game would be, so this segment gets you involved. If you have not played the game, at the same time, Charlie will give his score on how badly this needs to be played and if it’s for you. The segment is also for games good, or bad, so this segment will either tell you to play a game, or tell you to keep away.


I got to admit; when I picked up a brand new copy of this game, I was unsure on if I would enjoy it or not. The graphics didn’t look all too good and for me, it actually looked too corny. But like any game I receive, I cracked it open and put it in my Xbox 360. It was five minutes later where my mind became fully immersed into the game, and hours flew by within a few seconds. The time was around 1PM. Five minutes later, it was gone midnight. THAT is how immersed I was. A lot of people would think to themselves: “Oh it’s just another one of those crappy First Person Shooters. Why should I give time to this one when there are plenty out there?” … Trust me. There is ALOT more to this FPS than any other FPS you will ever play.

Just an average day on Pandora....

As I said earlier, I wasn’t too sure about the graphics, as personally I did not think I would be able to stand them, because in my eyes they didn’t look all that great. Everything looked so cartoony and hand drawn and it just wasn’t my style, but once you start playing the game for a long period of time, you come to realise that the graphics are actually a lot better than you thought, and you’d be fully used to them by then. The game starts out with a cutscene, where you learn about a so called myth, known as “The Vault”, which is said to be located on planet Pandora (NO! Not the one with all the trees and where the air is toxic to humans. I mean the baron wasteland Pandora!). Some rumours have said what could be inside the vault. Some believe it to be secret alien technology, other say its riches, and so forth. This legend has been passed on from generation to generation. There have been many treasure hunters looking for this vault, but all thus far have failed.   Four treasure hunters come to Pandora to also search for this vault. They are:
  • Mordecai as “The Hunter” – His speciality is using pistols and sniper rifles. He also has a pet named Bloodwing, a winged predator which he can use to rip his enemies to shreds.
  • Lilith as “The Siren” – Her speciality is close range combat, and her special ability is Phasewalk, which she can use to become invisible and double her original speed.
  • Roland as “The Soldier” – His speciality is assault rifles and shotguns. His special ability is a mini turret guns, which can sometimes also help shield you from dumb enemies that won’t walk AROUND the turret.
  • Brick as… “Himself” – His speciality is melee combat and is very bulky. His special ability is Berserk, in which he goes on a massive rampage and does an insane amount of damage upon his enemies with his fists. He is considered the tank of the group.
This is where the game is interesting, as there are four treasure hunters, and the game will allow for four player co-op, so you and up to three other friends can all level up together. You don’t have to do co-op however, as this game is great in single player, but it’s always great to have friends with you to make playing through the game that little bit easier (a lot easier in one of the DLC’s…). The game will also allow you to drop in and out of co-op at any time, no matter what level you are. Please don’t ask me what happens if one player is level 1 and if one player is level 50 because not even I can tell what the heck goes on. But let’s go with that you’re a brand new player on your own. As you get off a bus, a guardian angel appears in front of you, who help’s you in your quest to find the vault. Before long, you are greeted by a little robot named CL4P-TP (or just Clap Trap), and from the moment you meet him is the moment the game changes for the better.

That's a mouth?

The game is full of dark humour, and there are more guns than Call of Duty. Although, some of the guns are just one gun you may have seen earlier, only with a different name and slightly different colour. In the game, there are hundreds of quests to be completed of all types. In one, you could be on a killing quest, in others you could be in a scavenge quest, and in others, it could just be an A to B quest. And to get there, you have to walk all the way… No I’m joking. After a short while into the game, you receive a vehicle, which makes travelling around the world a lot easier. The only downside is that you cannot drive all the time, as some locations just won’t allow it, but that’s OK, as it adds that sense of a challenge. And what happens if you die, may you ask? As you travel through the world, you encounter “New-U Stations”, which once you die, you are transported back to the last station you walked past for a small fee, which means there isn’t a checkpoint system (You know like in games such as Call of Duty, where you’ve killed tonnes of enemies, and once you die, you have to kill them again? Yeah you don’t have that. Once an enemy is dead, they are dead.) Of course, they do spawn back after a little while, or else you’ll just be progressing through the world with mobless locations (haha). The game includes some really tough and fun bosses, and I always love it when they spew goodies everywhere once you’ve killed them. Not to mention, the game is free-roam…. I love free roam games. The game includes 61 levels to obtain, and once you finish your first playthrough, you can just import your saved character over for a second playthrough, where enemies are a lot tougher than they used to be, so your second playthrough isn’t a level 50 player pwning level 2 mobs. It’s more of a level 50 player being owned by level 40 mobs. The second playthrough allows you to reach level 61, as it’s extremely tricky to get to level 61 in just one playthrough. This game comes with 4 (AKA 3) of the best DLC you may ever play. Let’s go through them:
  • The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned – Zombies have invaded Pandora, and it is up to you to find out where they came from and how to stop them. This is a really good DLC because it keeps you busy all the time, and this DLC really forces you to play it with your friends, as it comes with one of the toughest bosses you will ever play in the game… but not the toughest.
  • Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot – No doubt the WORST DLC of the game. All it is really is huge arenas and you just have to battle waves of enemies. Yet again, another DLC that forces you to play with your friends because the waves get so hard that it’s nearly impossible to complete on your own. Believe me; it took me and my three friends 4 hours to complete one single arena. At the end of give waves, you have to defeat a boss which you would have previously encountered in the main game, so it feels like the main game is just being reused a bit. Lazy Gearbox!
  • The Secret Armory of General Knoxx – A really enjoyable DLC. This game see’s the return of some great characters, and some brand new ones. All I will say about this DLC is that it contains an optional boss which you will die A LOT on. It is one of the hardest bosses… you will ever encounter through any game.
  • Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution – In this DLC, the Clap-Traps have started a revolution to be free. That’s all I will say or else I’ll spoil too much…. although saying “The Clap-Traps have started a revolution” is spoiler enough.
This game is incredibly fun and is full of dark humour. With loveable characters, more mysteries than you can imagine, and so much variety in locations and mobs, this game is any hardcore gamer’s dream! This game deserves the rating:

9 out of 10

I was so happy last week too. I got this game for £7.50 on Steam. Yay for Steam! Borderlands was developed by Gearbox Software and was released in 2009 for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC/Mac (Mac by Feral Interactive). What should 24th April’s “Have You Played…” be?

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  • I LOVED this game on PS3, I was fixed on it for ages until I got an xbox, then it died down a little. The graphics were a little cartoony, but nothing a bit of addiction can’t fix! ;D

    Also, the poll is very even…

  • Sanii

    Really good read budy. You’ve convinced me to get it!

  • Carlos

    Funny thing, I bought the game based on the graphic, really liked the art style. I love this Have You Played articles, you describe very well what the games are about and what makes them great, keep the good work! Oh BTW, you can now level up to 69.

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