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Have You Played… – Bioshock

“Have You Played…” is a weekly segment on asking gamers if they have played the game in question. It’s similar to “Do You Remember?”, but it looks at current generation games, no matter what platform they are on! The segment will ask you at the end if you have played it, plus what your score for the game would be, so this segment gets you involved. If you have not played the game, at the same time, Charlie will give his score on how badly this needs to be played and if it’s for you. The segment is also for games good, or bad, so this segment will either tell you to play a game, or tell you to keep away.


Bioshock was the third game I ever played on my Xbox 360. When I heard about this game, I was unsure about it at first, but my friend insisted I played it. He nagged… and nagged… and nagged as I played it… until finally he spoilt the ending for me. But it doesn’t mean it spoilt the joy I had playing it. So what was interesting about Bioshock and why it’s such a popular game is how it took everybody by surprise. All around in the games market, all you could see was “boring FPS” here and “boring FPS” there. When Bioshock arrived, it took gamers by storm for how different it is to the usual first person shooters we have.

Oh yes. Sentries. I forgot to mention those... Feh. You'll find out what they are if you have yet to play Bioshock.

The game is set in 1960, and you play as Jack. The plane he is a passenger on suddenly crashes into the Atlantic Ocean and he is the only known survivor of it. After he swims to the lighthouse he sees in the distance, inside it he finds a bathysphere (think of it as an underwater elevator) which takes him far beneath the ocean. He is transported to a rather daunting, but amazing underwater city known as Rapture. Throughout the entire game, the player learns about the mysterious “Andrew Ryan” and why he built the city. As you progress through the game, you are accompanied by a man named Atlas… Oh sorry he doesn’t accompany you; he just talks to you through a microphone. But something more is happening in Rapture. All its inhabitants, (remember, it is a city) called Splicers, have all gone crazy, and as you progress, you learn about EVE, a blue liquid which gives you strange powers, and you have to use weapons and EVE to escape the city. So the actual reason on why Raptures habitants are “loopy” is because they’ve had a bit too many vials of ADAM (ADAM and EVE, yes) and they wander the halls of Rapture looking for ADAM, and they don’t care how they get it, whether it’s from vials, from you, or from little girls known as “Little Sisters”, which are little girls which all look alike. They do not harm you, but they are pretty freaky little girls. However, every girl usually has a Big Daddy with them, and even though they won’t hurt you… the big daddies on the other hand… well let’s just say you better have a weapon bigger than his drill. Big Daddies are mindless people in big underwater suits and they protect Little Sisters at all cost, ’till death. Once you defeat a Little Sister’s Big Daddy (Are you keeping up?), you are able to free a Little Sister from the curse they are under and set them free. These Little Sisters will also change the ending to the game out of three possible endings:
  • An ending where you mostly save them.
  • An ending where you mostly harvest them for their ADAM.
  • An ending where you save some and harvest some.

Spanner vs Drill ... My bets on the spanner guy!

Despite being little girls, Little Sisters play a massive role in the Bioshock universe. Also, if you save the Little Sisters, they will leave you presents along the way to help you, with items such as EVE Hypos, exclusive plasmids and more. Speaking of Plasmids, the entire game is full of them. Plasmids grant the user superhuman like powers, so yes you will kind of be like a superhero, except you won’t actually be a superhero. Here are some examples of some Plasmids you can obtain:
  • Electro Bolt – Electrocutes your enemies.
  • Insect Swarm – Sends a swarm of bees to your enemies.
  • Target Dummy – Spawns a ghost dummy that your enemies will attack.
There are about a dozen for you to try out. Throughout the game, you can upgrade Plasmids to help yourself become more powerful, for example, the Electro Bolt may only damage one enemy at a time, and you could upgrade it to damage multiple enemies. With the game being set in 1960, the soundtrack of songs used is just perfect. You’re travelling through the destroyed halls of Rapture, hearing music which distracts you from the sound of your enemies. It’s actually pretty terrifying. Some people believe that Bioshock helped inspire the creators of Dead Space slightly, since both seem to have the same eerie feel in some places. What was great about Bioshock is that it kept you immersed throughout the entire game. You would listen to audio tapes, learning the history of Rapture, read death notes on the wall, and talk to believable characters. Yes. These characters were totally believable, unlike most games nowadays. There is quite a lot more to tell, but I’m too afraid that I will tell you too much and spoil everything you will find in the game. How badly do you need to play Bioshock if you haven’t already played it? That’s easy. A PERFECT:

10 out of 10

And yes. They come rare from me. The campaign was the perfect length and at the time of release, was well worth its £40 pricing. It’s a shame that Bioshock 1 did not come with Multiplayer, but it’s sequel, Bioshock 2 does and it’s a pretty fun multiplayer. There is also a third Bioshock game incoming, known as “Bioshock Infinite”, set in a sky city many decades before the events of Bioshock 1. I just cannot wait for that! I remember the day it was announced. Bioshock was developed by Irrational Games (for the Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows), Digital Extremes (for the Playstation 3), Feral Interactive (for the Mac OS X) and Demiurge Studios and was released in 2007.   VOTE FOR NEXT WEEK’S “HAVE YOU PLAYED…”

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  • Indeed I have, very fun game. Although the campaign on BioShock 2 was boring.

  • i have played Bioshock for about 10 mins still need to beat it with Bioshock 2 (i have the 2 of them for xbox360) haha 🙂 and with Bioshock Infinite comeing out in 2012 i will need to beat them before it comes out

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