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Guild Wars 2 Preparing For Console Port

During a financial conference call, NCsoft executives confirmed that a console version of Guild Wars 2 is in development. “When it comes to Guild Wars 2 as we have announced already, we are in the preparation stage,” was the response to questions about a console release. An NCsoft representative has also told Eurogamer “Currently ArenaNet is focused on making GW2 the best PC MMO ever released.” “Currently…” “Realistically speaking I don’t think it would be likely that we will be launching the console version [and the PC version] together,” The game will be released on PC later this year. It will be interesting to see how well an MMO port can work on consoles as well as any possibility of cross compatibility. Console owners… expect a long wait ahead of you.

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  • for reference, watch how dungeon siege fared on console……. this will ruin the guildwars experience….IMO.

    as long as there are TWO seperate titles for pc and console….. i think they could do it.

    i’m fed up of the consolisation of pc titles just for boosted sales…. and the game quality suffers as a result.

    want a console game build it from the ground up…… ports can die in a fire.

    See battlefield3 also.

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