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Grand Theft Auto V Will Be The Biggest Ever

Well that’s certainly not surprising, but the staggering new details unveiled over 18 pages in the latest Game Informer are. Los Santos will be bigger than that of Red Dead Redemption, San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto IV combined and it only gets better from there. There will be three playable protagonists, each with their own friends, story arcs and personalities. At any time you can switch between these characters with the push of a button, when not in control they will go about their daily business. Whilst they maintain individual story arcs, they will come together for ‘complicated, multitiered heists;’ a focal point for the game. During missions the option to switch characters will be presented at certain points, allowing you to decide how you’ll play a mission. We also welcome back Ammu-nation; where better to purchase all the finer weapons in life. Combat is getting overhauled where shooting has evolved beyond any of its predecessors, with melee combat being made ‘fun and strong.’ Adding to the carnage, you can now douse cars or items with gasoline, create a trail and destroy at a distance. NPC’s have even been overhauled where they perform activates based on the time of day, location and their personality. They will also react differently based on these personalities; a thug will act more brashly to your actions than a soccer mom. Driving will feel more like a racing game, with cars holding to the ground better. Handling is improved, to make them feel less ‘boat-like’ than GTA4. Cars on fire will burn realistically, igniting at the wheels, moving along the chassis before exploding when the fire has reached the gas tank. Your friends won’t be calling all the time, with your phone being used in a more contemporary fashion (accessing internet).  Romance is out of the question, as is purchasing property; don’t worry as there are plenty of ‘vibrant and fun’ ways to spend your hard earned cash. Grand Theft Auto V will be released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 this spring; are you excited?

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