Published on October 25th, 2011 | by Charlie


Grand Theft Auto V Announced

This came out of no where, but: Grand Theft Auto V has been announced. Not long ago, it was the 10th anniversary of Grand Theft Auto III (one of the best GTA’s out there) and out of no where, this happens! All that’s been revealed so far is that the official trailer will be here November 2nd, and above that notice is the official logo. You better be excited. Here’s the logo:  

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  • Yay, cant wait!!

  • this is nuts! perfect timing to announce while the major FPS are trying to come out lol. Is this the official GTA V website ? Cant wait for trailer next week!

    • Charlie Murray

      No. That is merely a fansite.

  • GameDrillz

    I was excited to hear this since GTA IV was such a let down. Hopefully this one is the true successor to San Andreas…

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