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Published on July 20th, 2011 | by Charlie


GoldenEye for Xbox 360/PS3 Coming Fall 2011

Yes, really. It isn’t to be called “just” GoldenEye however. It’s been given the name: “GoldenEye 007: Reloaded” and will be released Fall 2011 (up against a bunch of other highly anticipated titles. This will be war for sure). When speaking to IGN, James Steer who is an Activision producer said: “It wasn’t always planned. With the original release, we really thought that Wii was the platform for that game because of the N64 heritage, so we focussed on making the best GoldenEye game we could on the Wii. But whilst that was being made, and then when it was taken out to the press, we realised that there was a wider hunger for a GoldenEye high-definition game. People want to play that on PS3 and 360. So during 2010 we started working on an engine that could deliver that true high-def experience, could do things like 60fps and 16-player online multiplayer. Whilst the development team was making GoldenEye Wii the best game it could be, the technology team at Eurocom were working on a new engine that could do what we needed GoldenEye Reloaded to do.” Looking forward to this? You should be, since it’s been dubbed the best James Bond game ever. You can pre-order the game here if you live in the US.

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  • not too sure about this……. look what happened to duke…… some legends are best left as legends, before they become leg ends¬†

    • Duke was in development for 14 years and was developed badly.

    • ShamanS08

      That’s exactly what i was going to say. I wouldn’t be too optimistic about this personally.

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