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Review: Gears of War 3: RAAM’s Shadow

Review: Gears of War 3: RAAM’s Shadow Daniel

Summary: Daniel takes a look at Gears of War 3: RAAM’s Shadow DLC, is it any good? read the review to find out!


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RAAM’s Shadow is the second piece of premium downloadable content for Gears of War 3 , the trilogy-concluding blockbuster released in September of this year. While the first DLC pack focused on Horde mode, the ever-popular wave-based mode, RAAM’s Shadow shifts the focus back to the Campaign mode. In RAAM’s Shadow you do not play as the usual familiar Gears faces like Marcus or Dom. You play as Zeta sqaud, in particular a man named Barrick that looks like he could be a branch on the family tree of fan-favorite character Dizzy, as this is a prequel DLC pack. Being a prequel DLC pack you’ll find a mix of old and new in this pretty hefty add-on. Emergence holes are back, as are some old characters from Gears of War and these elements meet up with some new weapons and enemies (a certain General RAAM may spring to mind). The actual story in RAAM’s Shadow begins with an utterly uphill battle against the Locust, and it doesn’t get much better for Zeta squad. The sense of desperation and a complete lack of hope is quite high here, much like it has been for the last three Gears of War campaigns. What you don’t get from RAAM’s Shadow though is a sense that you actually care about these characters. Clearly, this is because you will have only played as them for a few hours come the conclusion of the DLC, but some of the happenings within this story didn’t hit me as hard as say some in Gears of War 3 did. Still, it features more of what makes Gears of War campaigns great bromantic banter between the characters (yes, even Zeta squad banter), typical, witty Gears one-liners, luscious environments and some solid combat make RAAM’s Shadow a lot of fun to play through. Then it happens. You’re having fun playing as the COG, doing what the COG does best- destroying the Locust Horde. Then the game switches the perspective. Soon into the story, you now control General RAAM, the dominant Locust powerhouse from Gears of War. This moment was a little bitter-sweet for me. On one hand I’m now at the helm of the same Locust that I fought so valiantly to destroy in Gears of War. But my mind quickly gets rid of that though. On the upside, I’m now in control of such a devastating force- time to have some fun! Playing as General RAAM is an absolute blast to do. Slaughtering the pathetic COG forces is effortless thanks to RAAM’s Kyrll cloak that you can send out to maul the poor, helpless soldiers to death. If having an army of Kryll wasn’t enough, RAAM can also take advantage of a giant blade to slash and slay the COG from close range. While I found the blade a little hit and miss when swinging, it also has the same charge attack that Gears of War 3 players have come to know and love from the Retro Lancer. Everyone knows the charge attack is awesome. With both of these attacks at your disposal, you never feel threatened when playing as him, in fact you feel immortal, even on the higher difficulties. Over the course of RAAM’s Shadow you flick back and forth between COG and General RAAM and it really does feel unique to be controlling the other side in a scripted fashion, unlike Gears of War 3’s Beast Mode and the actual story finished up in epic fashion with a huge final battle that doesn’t end the way most people will expect it to go if they’ve played Gears of War. Overall RAAM’s Shadow is a lot of fun to play through as a campaign piece, and it’s actually a quite a chunky piece of DLC. For the 1200 Microsoft Points asking price (or ‘free’ if you bought the Season Pass), you also get Zeta sqaud members and RAAM himself to play as in multiplayer as well as a new multiplayer weapon skin- well worth the money if you ask me.

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