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GamesCom 2012: Half-Life 3 Appears on GamesCom Document

These are the reasons it could be on this list of games expected to be shown at GamesCom: a) It’s a time thing and it’s actually a listing leaking from the year 3,647 b) Someone is trolling us c) Mistake? d) Valve could ACTUALLY be announcing it… but they couldn’t… Half Life 3 is just a myth, isn’t it? If you don’t know what the heck I’m talking about, Half Life 3 is said to be revealed at GamesCom 2012 after it appeared on a list of expected games to be shown. Click here for the list. Not only that, but the list also says that Dragon Age 3 will also be revealed at GamesCom. So far, there’s no schedule as to when these press events will happen if they do happen, but for the first 2 days of GamesCom, it’s press only so who knows what will happen. Do YOU think Half-Life 3 will be revealed?

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