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Games Should Release the Same Day Worldwide

Confused by the title? What I mean is when a game has a release date, it’s usually released one date in North America, and then a few days later in Europe (I’ve been waiting for Bulletstorm since it was announced, and I can’t play it until thursday/friday, while North America are playing the crap out of the game). It can also happen the other way around, just like Alan Wake was (May 14th in Europe and May 18th in North America) and sometimes those dates could be wider. You could argue to me and say “stop whining and get over it”. But you hear it all the time, where people say “Ohhhh I cannot wait for this game. Release now!” So why should other people have to wait a few days longer? Honestly, I really think publishers should step up and release their games on the same date everywhere. Yes, it has happened sometimes, but most of the time it doesn’t. In my opinion, this is incredibly unfair. I have friends in America, who go “Oh this game is great. Oh it’s so epic.” Well I wouldn’t know because “that game” isn’t out for a few days yet where I live. Yes, you could say “Oh but you might get it early in the post.” But do people realise that rarely happens now? And besides, if “that game” arrives at my doorstep a day early, thousands’s of other gamers who have the game would have finished it. I think publishers need to start being fair. You could argue that if a game was released the same day everywhere, a person would get it hours early before everybody else. Hours early is way better than days early! You could argue that theres “complications”, it takes a while for games to be shipped overseas. Well then maybe it’s time for publishers to start thinking about their dates and how everything is going to work. We give them the money for the games, we should be respected for that.

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  • It doesn’t only take time for shipping, but it also takes time for localization.

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