Published on November 16th, 2010 | by Daniel Hart


Gamer’s Opinion – Motion Gaming

Time to get off the couch, on your feet and start jumping…. or well anything really. Welcome to Gamer’s opinion, a new addition to where I, a modest young gamer, will be expressing his views for the world of gaming. This week to start us off I’d like to talk to you about Motion Gaming. Now with the motion revolution in full swing with the recent release of Kinect, will gaming ever be the same again? Let’s go back 4 years ago (19/11/2006 ) when the revolution (if you remember well, there’s a pun intended in that) called the Wii was first outed. It brought affordable motion gaming to the table. Both Microsoft and Sony were impressed and wanted something of their own. Now lets go forward to this September, when Sony released the PlayStation Move. Basically an improved version of the Wiimote but with more accuracy, of which was captured by its many sensors and a PlayStation Eye camera. Now here in November 2010, we welcome what is known as Kinect for Xbox 360. The name Kinect is deprived for Kinectic, meaning movement and connect as in connecting with friends. Kinect works by flooding the room with an infrared light, which is then detected by the CMOS Sensor (the third “camera thingy” on Kinect). These infrared light does 0% harm to the user and can’t be seen with the naked eye. Then you can enjoy controller free motion gaming! Kinect also has a Multi-Array microphone system, which is capable of cancelling out the sound coming from your TV and sounds around you and focus only on your voice for things such as speech recognition, and even better the Kinect microphone can be used to send messages and party chat! Now I was in the Kinect beta and got my Kinect unit back in the end of August, and I have to say, it’s been a fun time! It’s amazing to see how far something can come in just over two months! Now is the point where we want to hear from you! Leave your comments below on whether motion gaming is worth all this fuss or should it just be killed and forgotten. So without further ado, put the controller down and Jump In!

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