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Game of Thrones Game UK Release Date Announced

For fans eagerly awaiting the video game adaption of Game of Thrones, the wait is almost over. Based during the ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ series of novels, Game of Thrones will be released on the 8th June 2012 in the UK. This is just after the finale of the second series which will air on 3rd June. Whilst based on the events of George R. R. Martin’s works, the game has its own unique storyline. Following 2 characters; Mors, “Sworn Brother of the Night’s Watch” and Alester, a “Red Priest” on the path of redemption, as they quest for the fabled Iron Throne. The application process for this story was so strict that any applicant who had not read the books was shown the door and the story even had input from Martin himself. Keep an eye out for familiar faces and locations from the books and TV series this June, when Game of Thrones hits your local video game retailer. But early criticisms of the US release haven’t been good. Is it worth picking up at all anyway?

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