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Review: Fruit Ninja Kinect

Review: Fruit Ninja Kinect Charlie

Summary: Charlie takes a look at Fruit Ninja Kinect, is it any good? read the review to find out!


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For those with, or without a Microsoft Kinect, when people learned about this game, people had mixed thoughts. People thought it was just going to be a rip off of the iOS game, or they thought it was going to be utter terrible, or they didn’t see the point in the game because the game sounded like what it was… There was fruit, you’re a Ninja and you’re using the Kinect. But then people played the game, and to most people, it was surprising to say the least. I never played the iOS game, but from what I have watched online, that version and this version plays almost alike, except rather than using your fingers, you’re using your arms. Now there’s no story to the game; it’s just a game with an aim to get the highest scores possible. Starting the game up, you already get the feeling that it’ll be a very colorful game, and too right it is. It’s very colourful. The fruit will vary from Apples, to Oranges, to Bananas, to Coconuts. In the game, there are four modes that you can try; five if you count the “challenges”. The first mode is called Classic, where all you do is hit all the fruit that appears without hitting a bomb or letting the fruit disappear untouched. You get three lives, and you lose a life if you let one piece of fruit disappear. If you hit a bomb, it’s game over no matter how many lives you’ve lost. Next you have Arcade mode, where you try and hit as many fruit as possible in just one minute. Once the minute has passed, you have the opportunity to attack a pomegranate menacingly for bonus points. In this mode, as well as a regular banana, there are three other types of bananas that help in terms of grabbing points. They are:
  • 2x Multiplier Banana – Doubles the points you earn from the moment you hit this banana up until 10 seconds are up.
  • Frenzy Banana – Causes massive quantities of fruit to spew from the sides.
  • Freeze Banana – Slows everything that pops up on screen, allowing you to get massive quantities of fruit at once.
Now imagine what it’s like to get all three of those bananas at once. Chaos, right? There’s actually an achievement to do that too, so I look forward to getting that achievement! During the mode, there are also bombs that may appear on the screen that once you hit them, you’ll lose -10 points. If you have any banana activated and you hit a bomb, that banana’s ability is deactivated. At the end of this mode too, you are also awarded more bonus points depending on what combo’s you’ve earned, or how many bombs you may have hit, and so forth. The next mode is Zen mode, where there are no bombs, and no bonus bananas. You have 1 minute and 30 seconds to attack as many fruit as possible, and they pop up on screen twice as fast as any other mode, and in more quantities too. The next mode, though not exactly a mode, is Challenges. Here, you try to take on challenges set by the game itself, for example, reach 150 points on Classic mode or beat your own score, or beat your friends score and so forth. These challenges can occur for any mode and you can’t do another challenge without beating the current challenge. I must praise the challenges too because the challenges can be really, really hard. You really have to try and push yourself sometimes in order to beat these challenges, which you don’t get in most games. The final mode is party mode, where you can play with a local friend of yours. Unfortunately, I never got a chance to play this mode (I DO HAVE LOCAL FRIENDS!), but from what I have seen, I can tell you it sounds like a lot more fun to play with friends. You can compete against a friend, or you can play with a friend to get a high score. In any of the modes, you need to try and get the highest scores as possible, so that hopefully you can beat your friends, and they can try and beat you. I just wish you could play with any friend anywhere in the world as it really brings the games score down a little bit. As you play the game, you might just get some neat unlocks known as Sensei’s Swag that can enhance the look and feel of the way you play the game. You can unlock new backgrounds for your Dojo, new shadows (if you didn’t already know, you play as a shadow of yourself) such as a pixelated shadow, and new blades such as the bamboo blade or the party time blade. There’s lots of each thing you can unlock, and they really help to enhance your version of the game to make it feel like your own. There’s some nice sound effects in the game too, but a couple of them you might just recognize from Raskulls, another Halfbrick game. At the end of each game you play, you are given an interesting fact about fruit, so even when you’re playing a game, you’re always learning! That is, if you actually read them, which you totally should as there are some wacky facts. Finally, how well does the game work with Kinect you ask? Very well! The only parts of your body you are using are your arms, and the functionality is very accurate. Because you’re only using your arms, I don’t know if you can play this while sitting down, but if you can, that would be fantastic for paraplegic people. Navigating through the scrolling menus can be a little tricky, as sometimes the slightest move can cause a slice on the screen which you didn’t mean to cause, and moving up and down on the collectibles menu can be a little tricky too when trying to select one item, but at the same time, it teaches you to only do slight movements on menus rather than massive movements. When playing with Kinect, do expect to be exhausted quite a lot, and expect your arms to ache (that’s expected with any Kinect game) but the good news is, if you play it enough, you could be saying hello to undiscovered muscle. Fruit Ninja Kinect is a colourful, addicting and has tonnes of replay value. There are some great challenges to be had and lots of things to unlock. The game works extremely well with Kinect, but do expect to get extremely exhausted, and you might find traveling around the scrolling menus a little difficult. It would have been nice if you could use a controller just to get around the menu’s but oh well. I do hope a sequel gets made because this game is indeed one of Kinect’s highlights (just below Dance Central I think), and there’s more to the game than you may have thought. I’m not sure if the game is worth its 800MSP price (maybe 560 may have been more reasonable) but let’s just be glad its not 1200MSP! For the first real XBLA Kinect game, it’s a great start for XBLA! Halfbrick, you’ve made another great game!

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