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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Gets NA Release Date

Square Enix add the fabled -2 onto their video games oh so rarely. It was an honor bestowed upon only Final Fantasy X thus far, and the reason behind it is clear. Often it revolves around clearing up any lose ends in the storyline. Do you know what else it means? The grind fest begins again as your faithful companions and you took the samus approach and lost all your powers. However for those with an affinity for JRPG’s with Final Fantasy, being one of the biggest titles out there, Square Enix Emily tweeted that the game would be released for North America in January 2012, and hopefully we in the UK won’t be waiting much longer to get the sequel. Earlier this year, Motomu Toriyama said the end of XIII posed a question: “Is Lightning truely happy?” as well as noting that the sequel will be releaseed because the fans wanted it, despite the game getting some harsh criticisms for its Liniarity. This may be reflected in the “serious direction” that Motomu said XIII-2 will be travelling in. There will be some new characters and the team are going to be dealing with the events from the denoument of the original; the games director lastly stated that it may be worth holding onto your save data as it might impact the game; “Might “being the key word in this instance.

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