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Face It: Call of Duty Is A Guilty Pleasure

A lot of people have told me, whether it is at college or on twitter, that they cannot stand the Call of Duty franchise because it’s just got out of hand and same-o same-o each one. I, myself, do agree with them. With Battlefield 3 footage floating about, people have said “Oh Battlefield 3 will own Call of Duty”, which they might be right, or they might be wrong. There’s usually a lot of hate when it comes to Call of Duty now; mostly actually directed at Activision for some strange reason. But c’mon guys. Face it. Call of Duty is a guilty pleasure. A lot of people will say “I am not going to buy this game.” but in honest truth, you may/will buy it. And why? Because everybody else does. That’s reason number one on why Call of Duty will still be bought by you. I’m not saying that all of you reading this will say that; but some of you will because everybody else around you is playing it and you feel like you are missing out. A lot of people also say “Oh I won’t buy the map packs because they’re too expensive at 1200MSP”. And yet some of those (I wasn’t one of those however) end up doing so anyway. I think what has got gamers is that Call of Duty is like the new face of First-Person Shooters, and with that, a lot of other shooters are just being referred back to Call of Duty. Another reason you may end up buying it is because you’ve been a Call of Duty person for so long that you just have to slip the newest game into your life some way or another. It’s like it’s been embursed into your DNA, or it’s like a drug addiction that you just cannot help.

Face it. You can't resist his muscles...

The obvious reason you may buy it is because you’re a diehard fan of the franchise… yippie for you (?). Now going back to what I said earlier, people will choose Battlefield 3 over Call of Duty. EA Games vs Activision. The dates of both of these games will most likely be at two completely different times, just like Medal of Honor and Black Ops, so Battlefield 3 will most likely come out in September, and Call of Duty will go for its usual November release date. During those two months, you may just be able to scrape up enough money for both. Heck, for all we know Battlefield 3 may be the worst game in the world (I am not abusing Battlefield 3 here, I’m just stating. No game can be considered the best game ever before you’ve even played it. Not even Skyrim. I mean look at Dragon Age. Origins was brilliant. The sequel, not so brilliant. And Skyrim is the fifth instalment, and as instalments continue, developers begin to run out of fresh new content, such as Call of Duty). As sad or amazing as it may seem (depending on your point of view of Call of Duty), the franchise will not go away, because people will just continue to buy it, just because it’s Call of Duty. We all know it exists, and sadly, not all of us can resist. Heck, I bet there are even those who keep Call of Duty a secret from their friends. It’s life now. (Note: This article is neither supporting or trolling against Call of Duty.)

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  • krahswar

    BF3 is actually going to be released at the same time as this year’s iteration of CoD, as the projected release date is November 2nd.

    So it appears BF3 is gunning after CoD’s spot as top dog.

    • Bas

      It’s pretty much without a doubt in my mind that Battlefield 3 will be a much better, more quality game than this year’s Cod (and especially the last 2..) the question is…will it beat it in sales. And I doubt it. Little kids will buy that shit until somebody breaks into Activision’s office and shoots everyone in there. However I think Battlefield 3 will sale even better than BC2 which sold over 6 million and MoH sold over 5 million, and if EA pulls out tons of advertisements (which they should and I think they will do) they might reach 10 million.

      Here’s to hoping the team at Dice finally get justice and beat Cod in sales (because they already beat them in quality), because they deserve it.

  • Call of Duty has momentum, but any game released has to earn its own keep. Just because people bought COD last year does not mean they will buy it this year. The game has to deliver. If it doesn’t, it won’t sell — end of story.

    But a guilty pleasure? No reason to feel guilty if you like playing the game. I don’t buy this “it’s popular so I shouldn’t like it” nonsense. That’s just sheep behavior in the opposite direction and proves you’re still not making up your mind based on your own experience.

  • oo7

    Who cares, they are both gonna be the same ol war games… I’ll be playing Uncharted 3, I love the adventure / story / characters. Maybe soon the developers will start to see that they need to do something new with the FPS genre, besides trying to take people’s money. Where is the innovation, the creativity, the FUN? I’ve already owned thousands if not tens of thousands of noobs on COD, and on Unreal Tournament before that. Trust me, I’ve had enough. A lot of gamers have grown up and want mature games. Yes, I said mature games. There are some out there now but we need more.

  • Bas

    I got bored of Black Ops so fast that I actually played Medal of Honor again a week after…it is one of the most boring games I can play now, with or without my friends. I can’t believe PS3 owners are dumb enough to play this garbage (and especially when other versions are much better because of terrible porting and exclusive dlc deals) when there are so many awesome exclusives to get, especially in 2011. If I could only play 360 I would just be playing games like Halo, GTA, battlefield, etc but Cod is just beyond boring. Thankfully I sold it for $45 on ebay so I got most of the money back. Even if it wasn’t boring I wouldn’t have enough money to buy it this year because of all the games I have to get like Uncharted 3, Battlefield 3, Infamous 2, Twisted Metal, Motorstorm, Resistance 3, Socom, there’s just sooooo many games I really want to get and I can’t even afford all the ones that are must buy for me.

    Have fun with Cod turning into Guitar Hero. Cod4 was just a legendary game, World at War was OK or good but not as fun, and from there the series just went down and down. If you can make a game crappier than Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer, God help you and stop making games.

  • Cryss Leonhart

    I Cant Say Call Of Duty Is Anything Close To A Guilty Pleasure, Even If You Just Buy It For It To Be A Guilty Pleasure You Would Need To Enjoy Playing It With The Feeling Of Guilt They Had Afterwards, And While The Game Is Popular Its This Sheep Mentality That Makes The Developers Lazy.

    If Its True And We Are All Going To By The New CoD Regardless Of Whether We Want It Or Not We Are Telling Treyarch Heres 10 Million People Willing To Buy Whatever Shit You Produce So The Developers Can Sit On Their Lazy Bums With The Knowledge That The Game Will Sell.

    As Well As Assuming That We Will All Buy Battlefield 3 As Well Assumes All War Game Players Will Buy Every War Game Ever Regardless Of Our Own Tastes And Opinions Because What Are We Going To Do In September For Two Months Until The Next Call Of Duty We Are Eargerly Anticipating

    Thats Also A Large Assumption Says That I Have Also Bought Homefront, Operation Flashpoint, Battlefield 2 And 1 So I Can Catch Up With The Highly Celebral Storyline

    I Got Black Ops For Christmas Didnt Even Want It Still Dont Play It Enough Said

  • Chuck

    You wonder why people hack and cheat is because it is so boring going to prestige after prestige in black ops and mw2

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