Published on June 14th, 2011 | by Gabriel


EVE and Minecraft Taken Offline With DDOS Attacks

Will this ever stop? Hackers have yet again messed with something players love, this time with EVE and Minecraft. CCP informed today that both EVE and Minecraft were offline and that they were investigating the cause for the issues. According to sources, Minecraft has been restored and is working again. LulzSec have come out and said that they took Minecraft’s log-in server offline, rendering online play unusable. The Escapist was also hit and it’s currently down.¬†This isn’t the first time LulzSec has attacked. In recent weeks, they have been involved in DDOS attacks against Nintendo, Sony Pictures, Bethesda and others. Isn’t it about time these hackers stop messing with us? It’s ridiculous how many attacks there have been recently. And we gamers are tired and angry.

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