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Eurogamer 2010 – Friday 1st October

So I didn’t get to try out much when I went today, as there were too many people crowding around the games and just as I was about to get on, they suddenly had a friend who wanted a go after them, even though I was sure I was next up. I didn’t have long at Eurogamer so I had to try out as much as I can, and really, I only tried out 4 things, but I did watch many other things which I will tell you my input on anyway.

So the first thing I decided to go try out was “Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood” (Xbox 360 of course; everything I tried was on the 360). We couldn’t try out the campaign, which was a bummer, but we got to try out the multiplayer (Take that PS3 beta!). All the TV’s were connected to the same match. The multiplayer is just like the iPhone version of the game if you have ever tried it. You recieve a contract to kill a certain player (but of course, there are many people who look just like your target). The navigation at the bottom will guide you towards your target. If you successfully kill your target, you get points. If you kill a civilian, then you recieve a new target. Of course, at the same time, you are a target of somebody else trying to get to you, so you need to be a bit more cautious. I did notice that sometimes, other people would get 400 points for their kill, and yet when I killed somebody, I just kept getting 100 points. The reason why was because I was just killing. I wasn’t being creative with my kills; I was just killing up close. Using my two perks may have increased my points. Overall, I finished 7th, which at least I didn’t come last, but hey! The match was rather short; it lasted just 5 minutes, but of course these are just demo’s so I don’t think the people of Eurogamer would want you to hog it.

So before I went into the 18+ section, I lingered about a bit. There were a few things I wanted to try out, like Fable III, Enslaved; but there were too many people crowded around them (I didn’t try out Enslaved as I already played the demo earlier this week. You were able to do more than just the first chapter though, but to build the excitement for me, I decided to not play it, as it’s out next week!). From what I did see from Enslaved, it’s certainly going to be a stunner. There are amazing visuals in the game, and some great cinematic moments. It’s certainly going to be a one to watch this year. Fable III, from what I saw, was a lot more polished than Fable II (of course it would). Some of the mechanics are the same, but obviously, most of the mechanics have been updated to look nicer. I went over to take a look at Rockband 3 and I saw a guy trying out the keyboard. He tried it on Hard, but he could not do it, and he went down to Medium. It’s certainly a lot more complicated that the guitar, as you might be hitting 4 notes in different areas of the keyboard (and even though you might do that on the guitar, it’s a lot more complex than that). If you tried the keyboard in Easy, the notes will be colour coded, so you would be able to press any key in a section, so it would be just like playing the guitar. Any higher of difficulty- well… good luck.

Moving onto the 18+ section now, and if there was anything I had to try, it had to of been Gears of War 3 (which has now been delayed until Holiday 2011. Boohoo.) Again, we weren’t able to try out the campaign, but we were able to play Beast Mode. In a sense, it is “sort of” like Mutation in Left 4 Dead, except the more you play, the more beasts you can unlock for further Beast games you might play. And for some reason, you seem to respawn in the same area, which got really annoying as my enemies were on the other side of the map. There were only 3 beasts avaliable you could try, which the one I kept playing on was the “Ticker” (the little creatures that would explode near you in previous games). In the first wave, you had about 5 minutes to kill 15 enemies. I only managed to kill 13 in that time, proving how much I suck. I was on my own as well, making Beast Mode harder for me. For every kill you got, you recieved points for your overall score, and points to go towards your balance as well (It seems as if you have to buy the creatures you use as well for some reason). The Beast Mode is certainly going to be a lot of fun when the final game is released, and no doubt many people will compare it to Mutation in Left 4 Dead, but it’ll certainly please some.

The final two games I tried out were Bulletstorm and Saw II: Flesh and Blood. I didn’t play much of Saw II as I died on the first challenge, which was using the scalple to cut the stitches of your eye or else a head cage of spikes will impale you from both sides (if you remember the first victim in the actual Saw II film, it was the same set up). Bulletstorm was certainly an interesting play. If you’ve not seen the demo’s of Bulletstorm, then I will tell you in one word what the game is like… “Friggin Awesome” – oh wait. That’s two words. As you play your way through the campaign, the more creative you are with your kills, the most points you earn. So if you wanted to, you could pull an enemy towards you using your Leash (an energy whip) and you could kick them into a cactus plant! This was a campaign level I was trying out, which not much of the story was revealed in it, but you were fighting enemies as you progressed through the level. Throughout the level, you came across pods which allowed you to get upgrades for your weapons, and since there was only the Leash and two weapons, we were only able to have a choice of 3 upgrades in the demo. The visuals in the game are simply amazing, and the gameplay mechanics are easy enough. Even though Gears of War 3 may be delayed, this will certainly dominate the Spring. I didn’t get to try out Kinect, or (even though we are a 360 site) the Playstation Move, but from what I can compare between the two, with Kinect, sometimes it might not always work if you are not synced properly, and with the Playstation Move, you just look damn silly. Mind you, looking at 3 fully grown men trying out Dance Central, then you’ll be wondering if the Playstation Move is silly afterall… I’m afraid that’s all I have for you for Eurogamer, but I can tell you this; Medal of Honor and Brink both had queues of people waiting to play them. No other game did though, which was surprising. Hopefully next year should be more exciting to me, as I plan to stay for the full day. Hopefully next year, maybe Bioshock Infinite will be there too. Let’s hope!

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