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Enslaved DLC Announced That Will Add 3D

Despite poor sales figures for Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, Namco are going ahead with releasing DLC to the game, and it’s going to be a goodun! The DLC, entitled “Pigsy’s Perfect 10” is a side story where players can play as Pigsy, who was a non-playable character in the game.
The Titan Graveyard is a lonely place and Pigsy really needs some companionship beyond the mechs that roam the area. He dreams of the perfect woman and embarks on a mission to build one from scratch using scrap parts he finds around the junkyard.

"Don't Worry. You can play even if you don't have a 3DTV!"

But that’s not all the DLC will include. The DLC will also add 3D into the game, which can be turned on and off at any time. And no, it’s not just for the DLC, but the 3D can be used for the entire game too. And it looks like Namco have thought about those without a 3D TV too. As long as you have a full HD TV, by using innovative TriOviz INFICOLOR® 3D glasses, non-3D TV owners can also play in 3D.

TriOviz INFICOLOR® 3D glasses are avaliable at and currently there is no release date on the DLC.

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