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EA’s Position On Future Of Gaming: Why They’ll Win

Speaking to Eurogamer, EA Sports Vice President Wilson spoke of the future of purchasing video games, stating that the day will come when we stop going to Game and Gamestop, claiming it is important for retailers to understand what customers want for the future. EA’s direct download service Origin is the future that they are discussing of course. This would come about from EA using exclusives such as Battlefield 3 as bartering chips to drag customers to Origin. This can be showcased through their purchase of Popcap games, by drawing a fan base to Origin through exclusives they cut out retailers, meaning EA get access to 100% of the profits. EA are not the only company to do this. Sony are constantly pushing their online store, as it’s noted that the new Playstation Vita will only have larger games on formats that will be sold in the market; they tried this with the PSP Go and the reason it failed was simple… games were released late on the market and the prices were far above the retail in the shops, despite all profits going straight to Sony. The reason they will win is simple, regardless of Battlefield 3 being pulled from Steam to attract customers to Origin. That reason is: Customers will still go and download it from Origin. The same remains true as they phase out traditional Video Game distribution; when EA took manuals out of their video games, we were powerless to stop them. As consumers, the money saved from not printing manuals as well as not requiring as much staffing to work on these game manuals was not passed onto customers purchasing EA products with no options for those that wanted a manual. EA CEO John Riccitiello has spoke of recent statements that EA need to move away from their traditional packaged goods model. He said “Over the coming years, we will transform EA from a packaged goods company to a fully integrated digital entertainment company”. His pitch to the investors tells us of the future of Video Games…. “Origin” I’d love to hear personal opinions on this. How would you feel about your local game retailers closing down so that you cannot ask if a game is any good; or for those working in game retail, how would you feel if you lost your job because of EA’s favour over digital distribution?

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  • Digital doesn’t work with consoles… unless its an arcade game. I don’t see how any publisher can move away from retail until consoles fully implement a digital store for full retail games when they are released. Right now it can take up to 6 month for a game to make it to games on demand on Xbox 360.

    • Cryss

      Good, I Dont Want Digital Distribution, I Retail Games… I LOVE Retailing Games Sharing My Opinions With Customers Means A Lot To Me. Discount Is A Nice Bonus And I Love Having A Hardcopy Of The Video Game As A Display.

      Also If I Take A Game To A Friends House, IM NOT GOING TO DOWNLOAD IT 😉

      • Neither do i, there is nothing like having your own collection, something you can’t do with digital games. 

        • Charlie Murray

          I agree…. for once.

    • Yeah I know that, The main idea I don’t like is the DRM that comes with downloadable Games on Demand (Mainly on xbox like I said), I have three 360’s set up at the moment, and its just a pain to go moving accounts every time I want to play on a different console.

      Sony do have the advantage on this, being able to download to 5 PS3s mean that I can just download them on each console, and not worry about switching accounts and stuff. Maybe my idea will change once Microsoft brings in the cloud function for profiles.

  • I don’t like this for mutliple reasons.

    1. I feel like by EA forcing me to use Origin they are taking away the freedom of us of a consumer, If you went to buy a game at HMV and found the game is only available at Game you would be slightly annoyed.

    2. Mainly EA issues here. I don’t like how every account is linked in each other, If one place got hacked (For example Bioware which is part of EA) got hacked, If they got your log in details, They have your details for Origin and every other EA game you play. If your Medal of Honor account got hacked, You’ve also lost access to your Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3 account.

    Another issue is if your forum account gets banned, so does your Orgin account and all games on that account, All a forum ban takes to earn is a bad moderator.

    3. The whole delete games after two years of not playing them thing. Sure you could argue 2 years is a long time, but you may want to revist a game that you haven’t played in a while, Extreme cases but what if I go to jail, What if I join the army and get deployed? What if I go into a coma? Like I said extreme cases but still could happen.

    4. Origins Prices, A PC version of the Battlefield 3 preorder on Origin is £40, The price of a console version preorder.

    5. The Pre Order Queue – Let me get this straight… I have to wait in a digital queue, to pay real money to get a digital pre order?

    I could go on all day so I’m just gonna stop there, But you guys who follow me on twitter know how I feel about this.

    Actually Seb just reminded me, I refuse to buy console download games until they tone down on the DRM, Sony isn’t that bad for this on PS3 (You can download it on 5 PS3s) but Microsoft’s 1 console or be signed into Live is a pain for people with more than one console.

  • Cryss

    Haha At Least It Got Everyone From Twitter Talking

  • sifer2

    The future is digital distribution. But I damn sure don’t think its going to be Origin lol. Not unless EA quits being such anti-consumer butt holes. I might buy Battlefield 3 but it will be retail an probably on sale if i’m forced to run Origin client.

    An after that I wont be buying anything from Origin since its policies are more restrictive an anti-consumer than Steams.

  • Maximusnew

    The only way the future will not be download is if game size (in Gb) grows faster than download speeds. The trend seems to be the other way though with download speeds increasing faster than game size and I think Steam now has a 50% market share of PC games in the UK.

    If Microsoft/PS3/Nintendo took a 50% + share of games through their online market places surely it would kill the likes of Game Group and GameStop?

    Does anyone have data on X360 and PS3 digital downloads compared tot he overall market?What is stopping PS3 and X360 market places dominating game sales on their platforms, like Steam is on PC? If it just a matter of time when do you think it will happen?

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