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EA’s E3 2012 Conference

Next up it’s time for the EA Games Conference. Here’s my thoughts, opinions and the content that’s revealed as it happens.
  • First off is a promo from EA, showcasing what I think they’ll show off throughout this conference, including SW:TOR, Dead Space 3 and more Battlefield 3 content.
  • The first game to be shown is Dead Space 3. Isaac has an awesome beard! Already we’re introduced to a new character… who gets separated from Isaac. Shouldn’t the whole point of Dead Space mean its set in space, and not on a new planet? This Dead Space is almost like Lost Planet 2. Dead Space 3 will also feature co-op, to which they are showing right now. I fear that Dead Space 3 will be more action than horror though, as that’s how it looks right now. Never-the-less it still looks decent enough. There’s this weird spinning sharp claw thingy trying to kill the main characters; they win of course. Some people are saying Dead Space looks like Gears of War… it does to be honest. Now they just got eaten by a crazy monster and are now in its body. Yummy. Now they’re going down it’s intestines.  Dead Space 3 is coming February 2013.
  • Next it’s Madden NFL 13… it’s football. American football. That is all. The game will be using the Infinity engine. They’re showing off the career mode, where you can buy upgrades by spending XP. You can also link to Facebook and Twitter, as well as follow a twitter feed specifically made for people who buy the game.
  • The new remake to SimCity is being shown now, with SimCity Social, a facebook app. It’s essentially a smaller version of Sim City but more social. This Sim City is using a new engine (no brainer that it would). Constructible worlds, simulation, data visualization, City Specialization and Multiplayer. SimCity is looking really good and I personally cannot wait. SimCity is coming February 2013.
  • Next it’s time for more Battlefield 3 content such as Battlefield 3 Premium (yes. It’s like Call of Duty Elite, but opposite). You can get lots of new weapons, maps, dogtags, features, and more… for a price. Close Quarters, Armored Kill, Aftermath and End Game are all the upcoming expansion packs to the game. Battlefield 3 Premium is available… today! For just $49.99.
  • It’s time for Star Wars: The Old Republic. Fans have engaged in 525 million hours in the game. They’re talking about previous updates, including Rise of the Rakghouls and the Legacy update, including the Rahghoul plague event. They will be adding more companions, playable species, character transfers, level cap increases, a new planet and more. The game will also be free-to-play… up until level 15. That feature is coming in July. Now it’s time for a sneak peak at what is to come, including a new space mission, a new operation, a new companion, HK-51, a new species, new level cap and abilities, new warzone,  a new world and more.
  • Medal of Honor: Warfighter is up next. They are now showing a demo that is using the amazing Frostbite 2 engine. Oh and the main guy just got sniped, but somehow he’s OK. It looks like Battlefield 3, except its Medal of Honor. I wonder if this game will have objects that disappear before your eyes. Oh look. It’s slow motion scenes. So many games seem to do that now. Now the main character is taking control of this weird robot thing. I think anyway. So many explosions too. Yep. This is a shooter alright. Global Warfighters is being introduced into the game, a multiplayer campaign. The game will release October 23rd 2012 in the US and October 26th in Europe. And yes! Linkin’ Park is back for the game.
  • It’s time for another EA sports title (yawn). We’re back to Madden, with NFL Social. Why didn’t they just show this when Madden NFL 13 was being shown?
  • Suddenly we’ve moved over to FIFA 13. How did this happen? There are 11 million accounts using FIFA Football Club and continues to grow. All returning FIFA 12 gamers will earn bonuses in Football club, and will have all their XP and levels transferred to FIFA 13. FIFA 13 on iPad and iPhone will be connected to football club. They’re now showing the gameplay trailer for FIFA 13… as always, it looks like any other FIFA game.
  • We now move onto UFC, a slightly more interesting sport. EA have announced that they now own the UFC development rights to the franchise, stealing it from THQ. The president of UFC, Dana White, is now on the stage.
  • Next it’s Need for Speed: Most Wanted, a remake to the 2005 game. The game will use Autolog, much like the previous two Need for Speed games. Most Wanted will be an open world games (got to love Need for Speeds like that). We’re now taking a look at a demo for the game, which actually looks quite beautiful. Most Wanted will certainly be the best Need for Speed since Hot Pursuit… then again, Hot Pursuit wasn’t that long ago. The demo ends epically too. The game will be out October 30th… we hope.
  • Crysis 3 now… another shooter. According to Crytek, they’re pushing Cry Engine 3 to it’s limits. We’re now being shown a demo of the game.  Bullets are being sprayed everywhere. The soundtrack sounds a little… cheesy. People on twitter right now are confused who we’re playing as. I am too. Is it as Prophet (making this a prequel), or Alcatraz? Or someone new? Some cool zip line action to be had in the game. The game likes to make use of the bow and arrow a lot. Crysis 3 will be released February 2013.
  • And that was it. No Mirrors Edge. No Overstrike. No nothing. Typical. Just shooters and sports. And a racing game. And a simulation game.

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