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Duke Nukem: Forever Demo (Preview)

As the day arrived, I learnt that Duke Nukem Forever’s demo had come out for those who had either pre-ordered the game or bought Borderlands: Game of the Year edition. Fortunately, I had bought Borderlands: Game of the Year edition on Steam, so hidden away on Steam was a code I could use. Eventually, I figured out how to use the code (after no instructions on how to) and downloaded the Duke Nukem Forever demo on the Xbox 360 (you could choose your platform). If you don’t already know what Duke Nukem Forever is, well then get off Nave360! Every hardcore gamer should have heard about it by now. It’s known as the game that took so god damn long to make. It’s also known as that game that parents and no doubt Fox news will soon be crawling all over to try and get this game banned, when to be honest, who gives a damn about Fox news and shame on parents for forgetting it’s an 18 game! But never-the-less, Duke Nukem Forever is almost upon us, so let’s just talk about the demo. So in the first few moments of the demo, you are- peeing… yup. You’re going for a wizz, and you can control when you do when you are in a bathroom… uh, lovely? And then if you want, you can go into the cubicles and start throwing around poop, which is even lovelier! Then, when you walk outside the toilet… uh- well the soldiers are rather crazy folk and just over exaggerate when the Duke is around. They were originally creating a plan to destroy this big boss thing that is currently destroying the area. If you like, you can go over to the whiteboard, rub out the plans and doodle all over it. Or you can do the smart thing and take out the big boss. Now when you get out to the boss (he’s called the Cycloid Emperor, but let’s just call it “the boss”), in my opinion, the boss is kind of lame. He’s just this metal (or flesh. Could never really tell) creature that shoots rockets and charges at you once in a while. GEARBOX, YOU COULD HAVE DONE SO MUCH BETTER WITH THE BOSS! You fight the creature in a playing field, and you shoot rockets at him and pick up ammo (which the sad thing is, I didn’t work out where the ammo was being dropped until 5 minutes into the boss battle). Eventually, you will destroy the boss and have to take out his wiring (Oh so he is metal), and then if you like, you can kick his eye over the football posts (wait, so he is a flesh monster. WHAT?!). Then after an extremely long loading screen (take Portal 2’s loading screen time and double it), you are in Duke’s car (is it a car? Never have been a Duke Nukem fan), and I’m sorry to admit this, but the driving is horrendous. It’s extremely difficult to dodge boulders that are hurtling towards you, and when they touch you, you lose a heck load of health, which by the way is pitiful too. The health system is shown in the top left corner of the screen. It’s rather strange because once you are on 0% health; you can still take so many shots before you actually die. What is up with that? Your enemies are these rather bulky pig men, who are tough at first, but get easier to kill as you progress through the demo. The demo also showcases some of the weapons that you’ll be using throughout the main game, such as the Shrink Ray gun, which is pretty cool in my opinion, and the Sniper Railgun which is also pretty cool, and a bunch of other weapons that you’ll most likely have fun tinkering with. Was there anything positive about the demo? Well the graphic were fairly good, though not the best, and there are a few times where you go “weeeeeeee!” and “WOAH!!”, so the demo isn’t a massive disappointment. From what I heard, the demo is apparently of an earlier build of the game. Now the problem with that is that if you are trying to sell a game to a person through a demo, you need to give them the latest build of it, or else they’re just going to think: Nope not interested. In my opinion, if you are new to the franchise (such as me), I wouldn’t think about picking this game up unless you are renting it. For those who are hardcore fans of Duke Nukem, well you can buy it if you like, but I don’t think the game would have been worth the 14 year wait. I know that with this preview, I am risking about hundreds of angry Duke fans about to kill me, but I will risk it. You need to actually play the demo to understand what I am on about. Expect a review (not from me) later on this month. Duke Nukem Forever releases June 10th in the EU and June 14th in the US.  

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  • Sadfsd

    The demos not that bad… and u probally just suck at driving

  • Cryss Leonhart

    Lol Duke Nukem Fans, After 14 Years Of Waiting In The Dark The Term Fan Is Lolable.

    Gamestation: 14 Years Ago
    Clerk: Hello Sir How Can I Help You Today
    Man (19): Id Like To Preorder Duke Nukem Forever
    Clerk: That Will Be A £5 Deposit, Is That Ok?
    Man (19): Yeah I Can Wait For It To Be Released

    Gamestation: Upon Nukems Release (Later In The Week)
    A Gangly Man With 14 Years Worth Of Beard Walks In, His Gloves Are Matted And He Smells Like He Hasnt Showered. The Clerk Reels In Disgust
    Clerk: Hello Cough Can I Help You
    Man. (33) – Thirty Fucking Three. The Man Is Clutching A Crumpled Up Reciept, It Has Gone Brown With Age To The Colour Of A Tea Bag.
    Man: Just….. This
    Clerk: The Receipt Has Faded I Cant Tell What Was Originally On This
    Man:….. Nooooo NOOOooOOoooOOoooOOooOooOoooOooooOO

    Duke Nukem Forever, He Has No Fans 😉
    But He Is A Great Symbol Of The 90’s When Being Derogatory To Women Was Awesome Now Bitch On Your Knees xD.

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