Published on June 15th, 2011 | by Layne Smalley


Duke delayed for OnLive – More epic fail?

Duke Nukem Forever was released last week for all platforms- Besides OnLive, the cloud based game service. OnLive was offering a pre-order deal on Duke where if you pre-ordered the game at a discounted price, you would receive the $99 OnLive game console for free, and the game would become available to play for at 9pm EST on June 13th, as opposed to June 14th for every other platform in the US. Unfortunately, the game did not meet it’s release date, and instead released at the regular time of 12 AM on the 14th. I myself love OnLive, but when they advertise an early release date and then fail to meet it, it seems a little disappointing. Sure, you are getting a discounted price, and a free game console, but Duke Nukem Forever has been delayed numerous times. The game also launched with numerous problems; Game crashing at random spots, multiplayer lag (which shouldn’t be a problem if all of the games are run in the same place) and also random singleplayer lag, probably due to server stress. Watch this post for updates.

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