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Review: Dragon Age II: Legacy

Review: Dragon Age II: Legacy Charlie

Summary: Charlie takes a look at Dragon Age II: Legacy, is it any good? read the review to find out!


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When Dragon Age II came out, people were… less than impressed than they were with Dragon Age: Origins, which was unfortunate for Bioware that they had disappointed many. Unfortunately, I never managed to do a review for Dragon Age II, but I would have given it a 7.5 if I had done. However, Bioware read reviews and took into account peoples problems with the game. Of course, the damage has already been done, so they couldn’t change the full game through a DLC, but what they could have done was try to see what they could do with the DLC to make it feel a lot better than the game. And did they? Honestly… Yes they did. So the story of my game is that my character was a mage, and Carver had become a Templar. This DLC can be played before or after you complete the game, and since I had completed the game beforehand, the story begun that Varric was called back for interrogation by Cassandra Pentaghast, after she learns that Varric had not told her everything; the Legacy story being one thing. Varric explains that he felt she didn’t really need to know as it didn’t seem “important”. In my party for this mission, I had Varric, Carver and Fenris. In my interpretation of the story, Carver was given a day from the Templar’s in order to sort out the attacks Hawke and himself have had from dwarfs. They head towards the Vimmark Mountains to find the culprits and ask that they put an end to the attacks, and they are soon attacked by more dwarfs who wants Hawke’s blood (Carver’s/Bethany’s or your blood specifically). The dwarfs are after your blood so that they can free Corypheus, an ancient evil imprisoned many years ago. At first, you don’t know why he was imprisoned, but only that your father, Malcolm Hawke, was somehow involved. And get this: He was a mage, if you did not already know (maybe you can see a pattern unfolding here?). Your journey will take you through many fights, and will eventually leave you with a big choice. The story is interesting enough, but you need to really delve into the lore to understand the background a little bit, so you might be required to go to the Dragon Age wikipedia to understand what just happened. Confusing or not, its still an interesting story. The length of the DLC was pretty much spot on as you can get a good 2 and a half hours of content out of the game if you choose to do all the side missions. You will fight a lot of dwarfs throughout the game, but do you know whats even better? You fight lots of Darkspawn, which I so missed doing so during Dragon Age II as there were barely any Darkspawn fights throughout it. What’s better is that the darkspawn you know have slightly changed, for example, Genlock Alphas now carry around a big, sharp metal shield. However, they don’t actually fight much, as he just stands there building up a charge which knocks everybody he comes into contact with down. With me being a high level, he doesn’t even do much damage. Hurlock alphas have also changed, and have a move where they’ll knock you down multiple times, which I don’t believe they had that move in Origins. You also fight non darkspawn monsters, like Bronto’s which are Rhino like creatures and Deepstalkers which are little small raptors. I’m glad Bioware decided to give these Darkspawn a fresh new look as it seems the other Darkspawn had changed when you encountered them at the beginning of the game, so why not these? Also, the final boss fight is very challenging, and might require you to lower the difficulty. Here is a hint too: Don’t rush in the boss fight; take your time, and kill the mobs before you move on. That is all I will say… Some of the loot you find will usually beat the loot you already have on, and some of the loot will just be junk. Your character might end up leveling a couple of times (even if you are at a high level) and there are a few upgrades to be had which is actually story related. You’ll come across seals, which will upgrade a weapon known as “The Hawke’s Key” which is a weapon you get about half way through the DLC. When you come across a seal, you first encounter a fight, and then you can choose an upgrade. The first seal will be about elemental damage, such as the seal of fire damage, or cold damage, or nature damage. The second seal will be a physical upgrade, such as extra attack speed and more of a chance to health drain your enemies. The third seal is more for power, such as the seal of speed reduction or stun chance. You only get to choose one of the four abilities abilities of each seal, so make sure you choose carefully depending on your class. Finally, the side quests. As well as the main Legacy quest, there are side quests which involves your father’s will, Varric’s not-so-close ancestor, and items of sacrifice. If you look in all the areas of each map of the DLC, you can expect to get the achievement which requires you to complete the side quests. Here is a hint too: Take Varric, Bethany/Carver and Anders with you because it makes the story more interesting and you’ll get an achievement for taking Bethany/Carver with you. If you like achievements, you can expect to get all 5 with one playthrough, so explore carefully. For the first DLC of a game which got mixed responses, Bioware has done well. With a good length, some very nice changes, some nice puzzles and hardly any reused locations (almost everything feels new), this DLC is worth its 800 MSP/$9.99 price. However, the DLC might have gotten a higher score from me if they had made the story a little more understandable.

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  • Maria88

    I have played this dlc twice now and love it! Once with Bethany and once with Carver. Agree pretty much with your review, I think that they really put a lot of work into this one. I would however give the story a 9/10 but then I like really like to learn new lore and always read the codex-entries. Like you I’ve only played the dlc in Act 3   =)    Hmmm…. so far I haven’t seen a single review mentioning the changes in-game when you play it in different Acts. Would have been fun to read about. Well worth the money in my opinon, love it to bits.

  • Ouch

    Good lord, your grammar and punctuation are atrocious.  It is literally disorienting to read your review.  I urge you to reconsider your line of work…fry cook or high-school janitor may be more your speed.

    • Charlie Murray

      Please explain how, rather than just “saying” its bad and making pathetic jokes.

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