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Doctor Who Game Revealed for PC, PS3 and PS Vita

It came as a real shock to me to find out that this Doctor Who game would come out on a major console like the PS3, as well as the upcoming PS Vita handheld. The Doctor Who PC games were good, but they just weren’t what I hoped for. This game feels different. While there’s not much known about it, it’s called “The Eternity Clock” and will involve the player taking on the roles of The Doctor (Matt Smith) and River Song (Alex Kingston). If you don’t know much about the relationship between these two characters, basically they meet throughout time and space in the wrong order, unlike the consistent time line The Doctor tends to have with his other companions such as Amy Pond and Rory Williams. If you don’t know what Doctor Who is, it’s a popular BBC Sci-Fi Drama about a Time Lord who travels through time and space in a space ship that is bigger on the inside. What’s surprising is that the BBC are now starting to move onto major consoles such as the PS3. The game is set to launch early 2012. Check out a teaser trailer below. Ha. Could you imagine if this was one of the games shown at the VGA’s? If only… UPDATE: Rumors have been said that the game is set throughout multiple time periods. Even better? It will also be made by Supermassive Games, who haven’t made anything major besides LittleBigPlanet level kits and such. UPDATE 2: The BBC have removed the video below. Just search “Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock” on YouTube and you may find it. Doctor Who The Eternity Clock by doctorwho-tv

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