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Do You Remember? – The Sims

“Do You Remember” is a segment of where we remind you guys of classic games you may have forgotten, and games we wish could either have a remake, be brought back to life with a HD upgrade, or be given a sequel, or quite possibly something else. At the end of the article, I will tell you guys what I believe should be done with the game. By this, I do mean the very original. Whilst The Sims 3 is good, the original Sims (and the Sims 2) are still to this very day one of the best PC games to have ever been created (unless you take Half-Life out of that equation). Whilst in recent years games have allowed us to do great things, sometimes the more simpler things are all you need to have a great time playing a game. So if you do not know the premise of “The Sims”, when where the hell have you been these past 12 years? The point of the game is to create your very own character (known as a Sim) and then live a completely new life in a pixelated world (like Second Life, only it makes more sense and it’s not as ridiculous). In The Sims 3, you’d end up changing most of the features of a person (face size, gender, body size, hair, clothes, and have a wide range of skin colors and more). However in “The Sims”, all you could change was the hair, clothes, the skin colour, the gender. You would also be able to change the personality of a person where you would be given 25 points to spend on 25 traits (Neat, Outgoing, Active, Playful and Nice). Depending on what you spent and where would depend on your characters star sign. Once you had made your character (or family) then you could move into a home, or even better, build one. When building or customizing your house, you were open to a whole wide range of furniture, from doors to windows, from sofas to televisions, from plants to toilets, from wall paint to flooring and so on. Of course you didn’t have infinite money, so you had to spend your money wisely and not spend it on the things you thought was cool. This added so many design options and no two houses looked alike. Once you built your home, then came the most important factor of the game: living. I have to admit too: if only life was ever that simple. To start off with, your character (if an adult) would be required to find a job… you’d have to earn money somehow, right? And the reason why I say “I wish life was ever this simple” because your Sim could just read a newspaper and BAM he has a job. When living, the thing you’d have to keep an eye on was your Sims needs. As the day passes (each minute in the game was about 2 seconds in real time), your Sims will get hungry, will run out of energy, will lose hygiene, will get bored, will want some social attention and just some personal space among other things. You would need to do everything things like wash, watch television and eat to keep them happy. Despite some of the actions your Sims are automatically engineered, your Sims would require you to control them most of the time. Sims are more dumb than you think, and sometimes they’ll even pee themselves right in front of you and other Sims if you haven’t told them to go to the toilet (if they didn’t figure it out for themselves). The little things in life always mattered, like talking to other Sims and having either a friendship with them or a relationship with them. If the relationship went far, you could get married and even go on to have a baby. You’d also need to clean your house if it gets untidy or else your Sim’s mood will be affected and it’ll affect their performance in life. If you wanted to, if you had enough money, you could call services like the maid to do it all for you. It was also always advised to keep with the needs of your Sims. If not, they’d get unhappy. Sometimes things tended to go bad, but it could be fixed by pausing the game, sorting out their needs, and then resuming the game. The game also had a fast forwarding function, where you could literally fly by the game if things got a little dull. And now for the best thing that ever happened to the Sims (back in the days when these were considered a good thing): expansions. The game itself came with 7 main expansion packs that added new items, new features, events, characters and a whole lot more. They were (by release date):
  • The Sims: Livin’ Large – This expansion mainly expanded on The Sims as a whole, added new careers, items and so forth. There wasn’t really a theme that this expansion focused on.
  • The Sims: House Party – In this expansion, players were allowed to host parties, added a wide range of party items, like balloons. Everybody likes balloons.
  • The Sims: Hot Date – No, this didn’t mean better looking Sims to date. Not only did this expansion improve on the dating system in the game, but it also allowed Sims to leave their own homes and move to a new area called “Downtown”. It added some brand new items more on the “love” side.
  • The Sims: Vacation – This expansion, of course, focused on the Sims’ holiday adventures. This added a new location called “Vacation Island” where, of course, your Sims could take a vacation to. What’s interesting is how the island was split into 3 completely different zones: a snowy mountain, a forest and a beach. This pack also added some new items including souvenirs as well as new characters.
  • The Sims: Unleashed – What could this expansion mean? Believe it or not, but it adds pets into the game. Whilst pets like cats and dogs will act like a Sim, they can’t be controlled fully like a human can. This expansion also introduced the gardening skill and also added some pet related items.
  • The Sims: Superstar – Probably the coolest expansion of the lot, this expansion allowed your Sims to have an ambition to become someone media related, like a singer or an actor. This expansion also featured several camera appearances from famous celebrities including Jon Bon Jovi, Christina Aguilera and even Marilyn Monroe. A new location was also added into the game, called “Studio Town” which is like Hollywood in it’s own little way.
  • The Sims: Makin’ Magic – The final expansion pack introduces, you guessed it, magic. You could cast spells, make potions and could probably do anything else Harry Potter related (get it?).
With all these expansions, this game couldn’t have become more fun. To be honest with you, I don’t think The Sims needs a HD upgrade because it can still be played on the PC’s of today (but only just). Perhaps EA could re-release the game with higher resolutions and make it more compatible with today’s generation of PCs. If Maxis has more Sims games planned, the Sims 4 needs to be everything The Sims 3 wasn’t, plus remove all the pointless features from it; The Sims 4 would need to go back to the way it was to be good again. Next Week: Perhaps the second best 3D Sonic game to have ever been created: Sonic Heroes Why not watch two video playthroughs of “The Sims 3″ I uploaded below: [youtube id=”_59KmvF5RUU” width=”600″ height=”350″] [youtube id=”6rgAkFogHuo” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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