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Do You Remember? – Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

This is a segment of where we remind you guys of classic games you may have forgotten, and games we wish we could either have a remake, be brought back to life as an arcade game or be given a sequel, or quite possibly something else. At the end of the article, I will tell you guys what I believe should be done with the game. In this weeks edition of “Do You Remember?”, we step into the future from Dino Crisis and back into the 21st Century. This game was a little recent, and no doubt many people still remember the game, but there are still a few lost hearts who have forgotten and needs a brain boost. This week…. it’s Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Now I love Mass Effect and Knights of the Old Republic, but I am afraid to say that I would take Knights of the Old Republic over Mass Effect any day (sorry). This is one of the games on why people bought the orignal Xbox (yes, I am aware it was released for the PC too) and this was one of the games that BioWare got more recognition than they used to. The 2003 game was set 4,000 years before the movies. In the opening sequence, you learn that Darth Malak has began on attacking the republic by unleashing a Sith armada. Darth Malak was also the former apprentice of Darth Revan. From his actions, many Jedi have been killed. Your character soon wakes up in a ship, and cannot remember anything about his past. You learn that the ship is being attacked by Malak’s forces, and you must try to get off before it is too late (remind you of another game, perhaps?). As you make your way through the ship, you encounter a few supporting characters, which will soon help you out in your journey. Further into the game, you take refuge at the Jedi Academy on Dantooine. Technically, your character is way too old to become a Jedi, but manages to find a loop hole. After learning the ways of being a Jedi, you come across a Star Map, and learn of something called a “Star Forge”. Nobody knows exactly what it is, so your character is given the Ebon Hawke, a space ship, and is sent to investigate on the planets found on the Star Map. Throughout the game, your actions can depend on how you would eventually become, as you can become good or evil (light and dark side). You also learn about your characters past, which if you haven’t played the game, may come to surprise you.

No, this is not the future version of Stone Henge... or the past version for that matter...

Depending on what you said or did, it affected your status bar, as it slowly dropped to the dark side, or slowly increased to the light side. At it’s time, combat was the best I had ever seen. As you progressed, you could find new armor to wear, which would boost strength and health. You could also wager your money in arena fights and card games. There were hundreds of missions to complete (side and main), which made the game last for hours. Knights of the Old Republic was well recieved and went on to win many awards. It also went on to recieve a sequel, Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, which was not developed by BioWare, but Obsidian Entertainment instead. Despite being a good game, it didn’t match up to the first game. However, a sequel MMO RPG is currently being made, known as “Star Wars: The Old Republic” (rumored to be released this year) which is being developed by Bioware, so it’s expected to be fantastic. I would, however, like to see a sequel to the main series, so I would like to see a “Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic III”, although it will never happen. I would also like to see the game get a HD remake for the Xbox 360, or at least release digitally on the Xbox 360 Marketplace. You can play it on Steam too, at least. And please, for god sake, make a movie out of this game! We all know the main story of the six films. Please can we have this game as a movie. No more “Clone Wars”, no more re-releases. GIVE. US. A. NEW. MOVIE. OF. THIS. GAME. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic was released in 2003 for the original Xbox, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X, and recently on Steam in 2009.

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  • Do I remember? I bought it a month ago and have been playing it over the past few weeks, am still working on beating it, haven’t played it before. So YES, I do remember =P

  • Ah, this brings back so many good memories.

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