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Do You Remember? – Scrapland

“Do You Remember” is a segment of where we remind you guys of classic games you may have forgotten, and games we wish could either have a remake, be brought back to life with a HD upgrade, or be given a sequel, or quite possibly something else. At the end of the article, I will tell you guys what I believe should be done with the game. The final “Do You Remember?” stops off with a game I’m sure many of you must have forgotten for sure. I say this because it wasn’t a well known game, but what I played was very enjoyable. Have you ever seen the film “Robots”? Well for some unbeknownst reason, I always feel a sense of relevance between the two. Oh by the way, did I mention Scrapland was about robots? Scrapland came from the mind of American McGee, who you might remember recently developed Alice: Madness Returns. Some people, believe it or not, called it Grand Theft Auto with robots, which in it’s own way it was, just slightly less fun (slightly I say). The game followed a robot named D-Tritus on an orbital station named Chimera, a station where humans are not allowed… big talk coming from the robots, who I presume were created BY HUMANS. In this world, every robot’s data is kept on the database, so should they die, they are brought back instantaneously. But there are murders happening on Chimera, and with D-Tritus recently being hired as a journalist, it falls into his hands to investigate the murders, and work his way up from the bottom. You might be thinking: but they can come back can’t they? Well not only does it require a small fee, but the murdered victim’s data is also being stolen, which prevents them from coming back. The story starts quite strong… sadly the story will begin to drown, but the game itself held you throughout. Graphically, the game was way ahead of it’s time. The game was developed in 2004, and if you were to compare it against another game from the same year like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas or Sonic Heroes, you’d get a pretty good idea on who’d win graphically. What did slightly let the game down was it’s poor voice acting from some of the characters, one of them even being D-Tritus. The dialogue didn’t feel real enough, but with the whole idea that they are robots, consider it as an excuse. The missions were very GTA styled, and this comes from somebody who played Scrapland before I played any Grand Theft Auto games, but this isn’t exactly a bad thing, The game is open world, so there’s a lot to explore, even if it does seem to take a long time to get from A to B. In certain missions, you’d have to literally become another character as a disguise to get into places or to make other characters think you’re somebody else, which when you think of it sounds so suspicious. Through this ability, each robot even had their own unique abilities which you could use, some more comical than others. Most of the game is played on foot, but the other side is in various ships, which you can earn upgrades for it with new engines and weapons that help with missions where you might be chasing after somebody. If you destroyed your ship however, then it’s gone for good, and you’d have to buy a new one or even steal one. It sounds very harsh, but it’s very true to what it should be. Scrapland should at the very least be remastered in HD. It received some harsh criticism from many reviewers, and whilst it appeals more to kids, you do need to remember: it WAS developed for kids. It has very kid-like humor, but there’s no doubt anyone at any age may just enjoy it. Scrapland was released on Microsoft Windows and Xbox in 2004/2005.

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