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Do You Remember? – Dino Crisis

Yes, another edition of “Do You Remember”. This is a segment of where we remind you guys of classic games you may have forgotten, and games we wish we could either have a remake, be brought back to life as an arcade game or be given a sequel. At the end of the article, I will tell you guys what I believe should be done with the game. I will be honest. I have never actually completed Dino Crisis. I was about 9 when I played it and I was too young and too scared to even carry on with my playthrough, but what I had played, I loved, and I bet so many of you did too! Set in 2009, Dino Crisis told the story of Ibis Island. Tom, who is an agent of SORT (Secret Operation Raid Team) is sent to the island to investigate a research facility found on the island. He learns that a renowned scientist, known as Edward Kirk, who was reported dead 3 years ago, has actually been leading a secret weapons project. Four more agents are sent to the island to bring him into custody. All four parachute onto the island, with one of the members, Cooper, being blown off course and right into the eyes of a T-Rex, where he is eaten… alive! The remaining agents land safely, where they realise that things are not as they should. They find devoured corpses all over the place, and not long realise it is the work of dinosaurs. Not only do they have to find the scientist, but they also have to get off the island alive, and possibly solve what the heck is going on. Dino Crisis was one of those shooters you wanted to play, but were just a little too scared to do so. The game followed the same style as Resident Evil, (both of which were created by Capcom) where the camera would change to different corners of the room depending on where you moved to. You had to be cautious in every turn, as anything could have popped out at any moment. Puzzles could have also blocked your path, and enemies varied from small raptors to huge T-Rex’s, to medium sized birds.

Any idea where my gun is, guys? OH WAIT, HERE IT IS!!!

Now a new sequel is out of the question. Dino Crisis 2 was good, but from what I can see for the original Xbox exclusive, Dino Crisis 3, (set in the future, in the 26th century) a sequel is out of the question. A re-release on Xbox Live would be great, but the only Microsoft platform the game was on was Microsoft Windows, so that may not happen (it is available on the PSN however). But, one thing I’m certain thousands of fans would want… IS A REBOOT! Please Capcom, don’t leave Dino Crisis in the dark. Bring it back with a reboot, as it seriously deserves one. Dino Crisis was released in 1999 for Microsoft Windows, Playstation, and the Dreamcast.

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