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Published on October 5th, 2010 | by Daniel


Demo Impressions: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is a re-boot of the beloved Castlevania franchise. And as has been the case with recent re-boots, it’s very good. The demo starts off with Gabriel arrived into an opening in front of a gate and the usual tutorial begins. Gabriel can only perform a small range of attacks in the demo, but more are promised in the final game via unlocks. The first thing you’ll notice about LoS it’s that it’s pretty, very pretty. Gabriel looks like a bad-ass supernatural destroyer should and he stands out  amongst the dark foes. These are no-less scary though. Werewolf’s attack in bunches and it’s up to you to learn the controls and dispatch them in stylish fashion. After a short period of time you’ll meet a huge werewolf-like creature which acts as a boos for the demo and is pretty intimidating, even for Gabriel.

Once you get through the massive boss, you move through the gate and onto a horse section. This provides you with a different type of combat. While still using the same buttons, the werewolf’s have gone and have been replaced by wargs and riders riding alongside you’re neon steed. This section makes you take out the riders and the wargs by slashing at them in either direction until you are your steed are safe. Or so it seems. Your horse decides he can’t go and leaps across a casm providing a great end to the demo and leaving us wanting more, and we most definitely do.

The only slight negatives about the demo is that during the loading screens a block of text arrives on screen read by a narrator. The text wasn’t very legible from my experience, but this may vary with screen size. Aside from this very minor gripe, the demo left me definitely wanting to pick up the game when it releases in the UK this Friday 8th October.

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