Published on November 30th, 2011 | by Charlie


Dead Space FPS and Dragon Age Multiplayer a Possibilty?

Kotaku is doing it again; putting soup into the rumor bowl (that’s a new saying. SOMEBODY USE THAT!). This time they say two things: 1. That EA wants to make a Dead Space First-Person Shooter (Wait. Ever heard of Dead Space: Extraction? It might be on rails but it’s still a FPS of sorts- Oh Kotaku explain that too… oh). This first person shooter wouldn’t be Dead Space 3, but this does not mean Dead Space 3 would be cancelled. 2. That the next Dragon Age game will get multiplayer. It may be in the same style of Dead Space’s multiplayer which was also in the same style as the Versus mode in Left 4 Dead. Let’s be honest though, Kotaku have been wrong but then they have been right. For the Dragon Age multiplayer, this would be the franchises third main game, and Mass Effect 3 also has a multiplayer of sorts, so maybe EA wishes to give the same treatment. Could somebody please explain where Kotaku even got all this from?

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